It’s never been easier to quickly find the documents you need. Our updated search functionality helps you search for documents not only by keywords from titles, but also by recipients, and by the content inside your documents.

Are you looking for all proposals and quotes for a specific customer created by one of your colleagues? Or contracts containing a clause that needs to be changed? Or perhaps you’re looking for customers who received quotes with a specific product line item? Now, full-text search can help you find anything you need.

We indexed millions of documents so that you can find the ones you need with lightning speed. Full-text search scans through all text inside your documents, and finds the best match based on your search.

For now, we can only search for content inside documents created with the PandaDoc editor (or from editable templates), but more improvements are on the way! Stay tuned.

Full-text search is included with all PandaDoc plans.