We want to introduce you in more depth to our integration partner, Nimble.

Their mission is to be the go-to place — everywhere business professionals work — to identify contacts who matter most. Nimble wants to enable these pros and their teams to create strong, vibrant relationships that lead to measurable business results.

Business has always been social, but Nimble represents the evolution of that premise to more efficient worktools. Today’s world is noisier than ever before, and monitoring and nurturing the 1,000s of relationships on many social channels is simply impossible without technological support.

Nimble aims to change that by providing automatic processes and insights about users’ networks to help them find the best ways to deepen relationships with their customers and prospects. They are creating a seamless, integrated process that merges into the daily workflow of business professionals.

Nimble helps by:

Layering on Insights — Nimble Daily email and Today Page provide actionable insights on contacts. Nimble now also recommends new contacts based on shared interests, titles, and keywords. The program identifies people users share in common with their contacts.

Streamlining Workflow — Nimble lets you know how and when to follow up and follow through, efficiently. A Stay in Touch reminder system and Mark as Important feature join Recently Contacted, Recently Added, and Last Contacted sidebar choices and help keep outreach goals on schedule. Users can now filter based on Title and Company, and act on those search results for setting reminders, messaging in bulk, and more. Fewer keystrokes, less tedium.

Increasing Productivity — Putting the Nimble contacts widget right into popular business worktools means users are not confined to Nimble workflow, but rather free to operate from Gmail, Outlook, and HootSuite.

Does it work? Here’s what one user, Charlene Kingston, had to say:

“The funny thing was that I was thinking with my old worktool mindset. But here came Nimble, just in a different class entirely. I didn’t even know what I had been missing until I saw how much better my life got using Nimble. It was like entering what appeared on the outside to be a small tent (like the magic one in the Harry Potter books) and finding yourself in a huge room. It’s bigger on the inside. Nimble was so much more than I had expected — I couldn’t even imagine the efficiency, the changes to my workflow — the things I would be able to do.”

Nimble is an intelligent relationship platform. It enables an individual or small team to maintain, nurture, and deepen business relationships. When they understand the past, present, and future of their relationships with customers and prospects, users can work more efficiently (and authentically!) to tackle the most valuable tasks and engage with the people who will be most likely to increase their revenues.

To make this happen, Nimble is putting relationship management at the center of workflows.

They’ve been developing hundreds of integrations with worktools like PandaDoc and QuoteRoller — apps that businesspeople live in every day.

Nimble and Workflow

If you are a business professional, a Nimble day might include:

  • Viewing important tasks and recommendations for people to connect with (based on expressed interests, titles, and keywords you tell the rules engine about).
  • Getting insights into your network by checking the Signals Tab. See who’s talking about or to you, and engage or follow up immediately. Keep relationships vibrant by monitoring your schedule of Stay in Touch reminders.
  • Working with contacts right from your email. Find somebody in Gmail or Outlook you want to add to your contact list? Use the Nimble widget to take actions right there in the email. This is Nimble Everywhere!
  • Working with Nimble right from HootSuite. Want to take action with a Nimble contact right there in HootSuite? Right click on their avatar, and their Nimble record is available to you. Take actions just as if you were in your Nimble dashboard. Again, Nimble Everywhere! Our mission is to make Nimble ubiquitous in the workflow of every business professional.
  • Getting ready for a meeting? Check your contact’s record and refresh your memory of your shared history. Read the most recent things they’ve said on social channels. Look at the contacts you share in common. Instant conversation starters.

Nimble aims to keep you on track, manage all your contacts, and help you connect for success.

Nimble and PandaDoc!

Yes, Nimble is PandaDoc’s loveliest, deepest, and most exciting add-on so far. Read on to learn how to optimize this integration!

  1. Contacts Sync across both apps.
  2. You can Create and Send a PandaDoc document right from within your Nimble Contact Dashboard.
  3. Also, as soon as your clients open your document, take advantage of PandaDoc’s legally binding electronic signature, or comment on it, not only will PandaDoc let you know, but your Nimble Contact Dashboard will automatically be updated.
  4. Plus, you know we are obsessed with streamlining your business lifecycle. Both PandaDoc and Nimble also integrate with your Google Drive and Harvest. In other words, with this pair, you can’t lose!