The hamster wheel of Copy, paste, repeat might be even more tiresome than Lather, rinse, repeat. Because while all that lathering and rinsing at least gets you squeaky-clean, copying and pasting just puts you on track for a one-way ride down into the dreaded carpal tunnel.

And while medical expertise falls well outside our scope of coverage here at PandaDoc, finding fresh ways to promote workflow efficiency is right in our wheelhouse.

Behold! Our new Import Google Contacts feature.

Import Google Contacts fulfills precisely what its name promises, allowing you to import contacts directly from your Google account into your PandaDoc contact list. With minimal effort required on your part. (Unless you consider a few quick clicks beyond the realm of “minimal effort.”)

Names. Email addresses. Phone numbers. And any other crumbs of personal information you can bake into a contact card. Import Google Contacts renders them all perfectly importable from Google into PandaDoc.

If you find that Import Google Contacts still isn’t a powerful enough tool, you can augment it by using Zapier to import contacts into your PandaDoc account.

It’s been said the best things in life are three. Or perhaps we misheard? Either way, here’s a trifecta-style guide to liberating yourself from a life of Copy, paste, repeat and sore hands:

  • Get the hang of using Import Google Contacts in PandaDoc.
  • Stop adding your contacts manually.
  • Start taking better care of those fingers.

Import Google Contacts is available with all PandaDoc plans. Enjoy this handy new feature in good health!