You asked for smarter pricing tables, and we heard you loud and clear.

We’ve unleashed PandaDoc’s new pricing tables with an updated user interface designed to give you more control, speed, and a ‘brain-friendly’ experience that involves a lot less clicking! Scroll down to learn more and give your clicking finger a break.

One view to rule them all

When editing PandaDoc’s old pricing table, you’d be taken into a new view and away from your main document. We’ve since streamlined the editing process. You can now update everything from your main document screen.

Customization at your fingertips

Formatting rich text in cells and columns is now a more intuitive and smooth experience than ever. The top formatting panel allows you to quickly customize your pricing table from one place. You’ll be able to highlight certain components or make your pricing tables easier to read.

Add, remove, hide, reorder, resize

Simplifying the basics is just as important as adding new functionality. We’ve made it easy to customize your table’s rows and columns so that you can create neat & clean designs that are guaranteed to impress. Adding rows & columns is now as easy as clicking the plus button (+).

You can now insert new rows and catalog items anywhere in your table. Simply call upon the dropdown menu by clicking the small button next to each cell or by right-clicking the cell.

Don’t want certain columns in your table to be viewed by your recipient? No problem! Click on any cell within the column, then click on the small arrow in its upper-right corner, and select Hide Column.

Remember, when a column is hidden, it’s values are still included in the calculation. You can also hide subtotal, discount, tax, and total in the pricing table footer.

Move deals forward by allowing prospects to help themselves

Multiple choice and adjustable quantities are still your best friends when it comes to flexibility and customization. Pull up these options by right-clicking on a row and selecting Recipient Options. New design elements will make it clear as to which lines are included or excluded from the grand total.

Pro Tip: CTRL+Click enables you to select and apply settings on multiple lines at once.

Resources to help you create pricing tables that sell

Visit our help center for even more details on creating the perfect pricing table for you and your customers.

  1. Add and set your pricing table
  2. Optional items and editable quantities
  3. Sections and multiple choice
  4. Discounts and Taxes
  5. Formatting
  6. Keyboard shortcuts