Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding this year, one thing we know for sure is that we couldn’t have made it through without the support of our customers.

PandaDoc users have continued to thrive and innovate throughout the pandemic, from creating non-profits to shifting their entire business model to accommodate remote life and business. We love hearing the unique ways they’ve used our product to adapt to the “new normal” and are incredibly grateful for those who have felt compelled to share their experiences on review sites.

“Excellent user-friendly software: simple, intuitive, and very helpful! I like how easy it is to design templates and how easy it is for the recipients to sign them. Fast, easy and painless – that’s our document signing process with PandaDoc and we love it! Also, excellent support!” – Administrator in Legal Services, Mid-Market

Thanks to the reviews, like this one, left by our customers, PandaDoc has been recognized as the #1 vendor in G2’s Winter 2020 Grids for Proposal, Contract Management, and Document Generation. We are also proud to announce that G2 has ranked us as a leader in the overall E-Signatures category.

2020 presented a critical opportunity for many businesses to improve their digital process and communication with prospects, customers, students, employees, and essential constituents.

Here are just a few such businesses that decided this was an important year to invest in their digital document experience. We’re excited to serve the fast-moving teams at FanDuel, Shark Tank, MGM Studios, Panda Express, Ring Central, SoftBank, and more!

We’re proud to see the growing enthusiasm and adoption of our latest features from our 23,000 (and counting) customers. When it takes the average customer less than 3 minutes to create and send a document, it’s no surprise to see the median close time hovering at a cool 5 hours.

Thanks to the accelerated propose-to-close time PandaDoc provides, our customers created and sent over 10.1 million documents and successfully processed over $153 million in electronic payment transactions.

Another thing we know for sure?

PandaDoc customers get more done even when they’re working remotely. That’s why collectively they created over 20 billion dollars in deals this year, and that’s why they encourage other businesses to try it for themselves.