The word “despite” has come up a lot lately when referencing companies that have managed to pull off big wins during the pandemic.

“Despite these unprecedented times…”, “Despite all of the chaos in the world…”, “Despite the economic downturn…”

But, what “despite” really means here is that these companies’ wins are unrelated to the adverse effects of COVID-19 altogether. It means they were able to carry out their pre-quarantine missions as intended, which is simply not the case for PandaDoc.

We adjusted our approach to existing markets while breaking into new ones. We expedited the launch of our Free eSign plan to help businesses of all sizes and industries keep their doors open. We transitioned all of our employees to remote work, opening the recruitment door to top talent from around the globe.

All of these accomplishments were not “despite” the pandemic; they were inspired because of it.

We’re pleased to say that our efforts have been recognized. PandaDoc is one of five thousand companies to pull off one particular big win this year: earning a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list of the Fastest-growing Private Companies in America. Since 1982, the Inc. 5000 list has honored the extraordinary journeys of the fastest-growing companies in America. It is the most prestigious honor for growing private businesses and business leaders, and we attribute our win and our rank as number 1,461 to our newly agile and innovative approach to business, one of the only positive side effects of COVID-19.

Our co-founder and CEO, Mikita Mikado commented, “ This honor, due to our year over year growth, is validation to our goal to lead in the fast-growing software categories of proposals, contracts, and esignature. I’m extremely proud of our growing team that works hard to meet customer needs and growing demand, which has accelerated through this pandemic but will continue on for years to come.”

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