Our powerful new tool is here to help you simplify data collection and automate your workflow.

Imagine a scenario where you’re an HR partner and looking to streamline how you collect employees feedback and applications from potential hires. Or perhaps you lead a customer success team and need a smoother process for accepting customer requests.

Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. And we’ve got just the solution.

With PandaDoc Forms, you can create a form for each of these cases in just a few minutes. We’ve built this new tool to help all sorts of teams, from sales to legal. It’s simple to create and publish online forms you can embed into your website or share via direct link — and you don’t need a customer’s email to share your form.

Before you know it, you’ll be automating your data collection process more than you could have imagined.

Here’s how PandaDoc Forms improves upon our Classic Editor’s embedded templates feature:

Embedded templates PandaDoc Forms
Only a single role available Multiple roles available
PDF upload only Uses editable templates
Content is uneditable Edit forms without coding
Everyone must eSign at once Add signing order
Unable to collect payments Able to collect payments

Create forms for most any purpose

Here’s how different types of teams can work more efficiently with PandaDoc Forms:

  • Sales: Forms converted from RFPs and post-sales feedback can accelerate sales cycles, reduce time-to-close — and help skyrocket revenue
  • Marketing: Use custom-coded forms to improve lead predictions and create more autonomy
  • Customer success: Create intake forms that will improve customer communication, satisfaction, and retention
  • Operations: Collect agreements and requests quickly while managing internal workflows better with your existing tools
  • HR: Onboard new hires quickly and painlessly by eliminating endless paperwork for new employees
  • Legal: Keep redline edits secure on custom legal forms by sharing a link instead of sending multiple emails

How much does it cost?

Forms will be available on PandaDoc Business and Enterprise plans in PandaDoc Editor 2.0. 250 docs per year per account are included. You can purchase additional forms at $2 per document.

Have more questions about PandaDoc Forms?

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