It’s no secret that we like to drink our own champagne over here at PandaDoc. We use our product to onboard new hires, forecast internal revenue, and above all, close more deals.

Our sales team faces the same pressure to hit quota month over month as our customers do, and with each month that passes the relationship between buyer and seller evolves.

Nate Gilmore, PandaDoc’s CRO, explains the new State of Deals 2020 report.

This ever-changing dynamic demands a fresh perspective on the way deals get done in order for our sales team to consistently produce. Lucky for us, we have over 17,000+ of the freshest perspectives to study: our PandaDoc customers.

What we discovered by reviewing the customer data of our top-performing clients was that they all exhibited similar methods of approach to the buyer/seller relationship.

This got us wondering whether or not the traits of these top performers were the same as other top performers in sales organizations outside of our customer base.

Did successful companies look alike because of our product or was this reflective of the entire sales industry?

Enter: State of Deals 2020: The New Sales Framework for Today’s Buyers

In an effort to learn more about our product and the sales industry as a whole, we teamed up with peer-to-peer review site, G2, to survey hundreds of sales professionals and decision-makers via email, online, and through social media to get their take on how docs affect deals and to learn more about the current status of the buyer/seller relationship.

The State of Deals report demonstrates what successful deals look like, ways to execute them, and where the greatest chances are to win are.

Our respondents offered an inside look into the evolutionary relationship between buyers and sellers, the hurdles faced by their sales teams, and provided actionable takeaways from their experience that you can use to transform your deals into more revenue.

Our research illustrates the undeniable gaps between buyer expectations and seller deliveries and provides insight into the measures your sales team must take to bridge them.

We encourage you to apply the findings of the report to your existing workflows and experience the difference in ASP (average sales price), opportunity goals, and close rate that comes with taking a dynamic approach to your deals.