All PandaDoc customers, including Free eSign Users, have access to free web tickets and email support.

You also have access to the PandaDoc Customer Community, which offers self-service resources like robust training courses and help center articles to help you learn, grow, and thrive with PandaDoc.

In addition to free support, we offer standard customer support to paid users that include 24/7 web ticket, email, and chat support, plus ticket portal access at no additional cost.

Our free and standard customer support offerings are great when you have questions about billing and payment, outages, or need technical support to troubleshoot a problem.

However, for customers looking for more than around-the-clock support, we offer a premium support option.

PandaDoc premium support offers strategic guidance, iterative improvement, and continuous training to accelerate your team and amplify your success.

This means fast, service-credit-backed SLAs, proactive support, free on-demand onboarding with an onboarding specialist, regular technical reviews with your technical account manager, and much more. Let’s look at what our premium support plan has to offer.

Dedicated technical account management

We want to optimize your success by providing you with an assigned technical account manager and customer success manager.

You’re probably most familiar with a customer success manager (CSM) if you’ve invested in other tech tools. The CSM will handle all of your business needs.

At the very beginning, they will work with you to set up Success KPIs around workflow, speed, insights, and experience. Once those goals are set, you’ll have regular check-ins (monthly metric snapshots and quarterly business reviews) to assess the health of your business performance.

A newer offering of premium support is a technical account manager (TAM). TAM is a highly qualified expert who is responsible for the technical health and success of PandaDoc within your business.

After your initial onboarding, your technical account manager will step in to conduct regular technical reviews. They will share best practices and help you set up new workflows to accelerate your team’s overall efficiency.

We know that it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest updates to PandaDoc when you’re focused on running your business.

In 2021 alone, we released over 40+ new features. That’s where your technical account manager comes into play. Your TAM will help you customize PandaDoc to fit the way you work by adopting new features that improve your document processes.

Enhanced support engagement

You’re our number one priority. Your technical account manager will be notified immediately whenever you submit a support ticket. They will use their advanced technical knowledge and insights into your account to help you understand the product and fix the problems you run into.

If you need help outside of your TAM’s working hours, a member of our standard support team will prioritize your case.

Once your TAM is back online, they will ensure you have gotten the proper care to resolve your issue. This means you’ll have a dedicated specialist who will control your support quality.

Earlier, we mentioned that all paid users receive around-the-clock support through web tickets, live chat, and email.

We offer daily phone support from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST for urgent questions and issues as an added benefit to our premium support plan.

And if your team relies on the PandaDoc API and complex integrations, we’ve got you covered. Your TAM can quickly escalate any issues to our product and development team to find a solution.

With premium support, you’ll have a direct line to a team of experts that are laser-focused on helping you reach your business goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our premium support add-on, please reach out to your sales rep or email