Well, we finally did it. Zendesk Sell fans, the day has finally come; we’ve finally finished developing the integration for our Editor 2.0 customers.

The Zendesk Sell integration for Editor 2.0 now marries the full functionality of one of our oldest and most treasured CRM integrations to our most powerful document editor. This new update now provides customers with stylish design elements, a smoother and more intuitive editing experience, and robust real-time collaboration.

With just one click, connect PandaDoc and Zendesk Sell and immediately start enjoying the ease of creating documents from Leads, Companies, and People. No need to reinvent your current workflow; the integration was built to pick up right where your existing process left off.

Manual integration updates are a thing of the past too. Moving forward, we’ll work hard behind the scenes to make sure you and your team are equipped with the latest version of the integration automatically, so you’ll never play the waiting game again.

Lastly, this latest version supports user-based authentication, allowing admins to manage access rights to documents and workspaces from within PandaDoc for all users.

Here’s how it works

To create a document from scratch, it is first a great idea to create a reusable template. With templates and tokens, you can quickly transfer data from Zendesk Sell right into your documents to save a ton of time and prevent costly errors.

To access the tokens to copy-paste in your template, select the gear icon in the integration widget and then choose Tokens. You’ll then see a list of available Tokens depending on which entity you’re in (Deal, Leads, Companies, and People).

  1. Within the integration widget, click Create document.
  2. Then choose the template you’d like to use.
  3. Assign your recipients to the roles of your choosing. (More info on roles here).
  4. Choose to add any additional recipients if you’d like.
  5. Your document will then be filled with the data from the corresponding entity record you launched the widget from.
  6. Make any additional edits that you need, such as pricing adjustments.
  7. Send your document for signature.

Sell more with Zendesk Sell + PandaDoc

As we mentioned above, this new integration will take our partnership with our customers and Zendesk Sell to a whole new level.

To learn more about implementing this integration for you and your revenue team, contact your Customer Success Manager, or request a demo with one of our product specialists.

Now’s the time to set your team up for success with a workflow that works hard to streamline doc and deal management to help your reps close even faster.