Imagine this.

You’re a lawyer for Rocket Media, a multimedia corporation.

Your company is preparing a $71 billion merger with RadioX, and they’ve asked a lawyer from the entertainment department to review the final agreement draft to make sure everything is perfect.

Although this sounds like a simple request, it’s not. Before today, you would only have two options.

The first is to send over a PDF file which results in you spending hours on split-screen making any changes from the attorney and sending it back for another round of revisions to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

The other option would be to grant that person complete access to your PandaDoc workspace and risk compromising confidential information.

Each option has its pros and cons. That’s why today we’re introducing a new solution that will help you eliminate unnecessary work in this process – say hello to Internal Granular Permissions.

Internal Granular Permissions allows you to invite anyone inside your organization to view, edit, or share documents without giving them an all-access pass to your PandaDoc workspace.

With our new feature, you can liberate your team members from downloading, editing, and sharing documents via email or Slack.

Streamline your process and start collaborating more efficiently today

Your team can now collaborate right within PandaDoc, across different workspaces, without sacrificing the way you manage everyone’s interactions with your documents.

It doesn’t stop there! We’ve extended the capabilities of Granular Permissions to allow external users to access, view, and comment on documents shared with them. Simply send the collaborator an invite and customize their permissions within the document. We have an entire blog post dedicated to everything you need to know about External Granular Permissions.

Granular Permissions are available for PandaDoc’s Free eSign, Essentials, Business, and Enterprise plans. Check out this helpful resource to learn how to get started with Internal Granular Permissions.