Fax machines continue going out of fashion as companies look for ways to modernize their operations and adopt digital transformation.

These shortcomings of the fax machine make it necessary to seek easier ways to fax documents.

Thanks to technological advancements, sending and receiving faxes is possible even if you don’t have a fax machine. You can now transmit faxes on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

This article will show you how to fax without a fax machine using a web-based tool. But first, let’s explore why fax machines are no longer the go-to solution.

Limitations of a physical fax machine

Fax machines enable companies to transfer hard-copy documents. However, it’s an outdated technology with many drawbacks. Here they are:

Expensive to maintain

When you have a fax machine, you’ll need a constant supply of paper and ink, which will incur extra costs from servicing, troubleshooting, and replacing broken parts.

Although corporations and government institutions with massive budgets can shoulder these costs, small companies may find it challenging to maintain their devices.

Requires a telephone number

Fax machines must be connected to telephone numbers to transmit files.

You need a specific landline from your local provider to keep the device running, and getting a fax landline is not free, costing anywhere from $30 to $60 monthly.

Cannot be moved around easily

Physical fax machines are tied down to a location, meaning that you have to walk to the desk to use it. And you’ll have to wait if someone is already using the machine.

Even worse, you must install a new landline (and possibly a new fax number) when moving to a new location.

Not eco-friendly

Fax machines increase paper usage in your office because they require endless rolls or reams of paper to print out received documents.

And for companies interested in reducing their carbon footprint, having a paper-demanding machine achieves the opposite effect.

What is a digital fax machine?

The perfect alternative to a fax machine is a digital fax service. It’s an online solution that allows you to send and receive documents online.

Digital fax machines exist as mobile apps, web applications, or email-to-fax services.

With these tools, anyone can master how to get a fax without a fax machine.

You’ll need an internet connection, a mobile or desktop portal, and an account to use a digital fax solution.

Regardless of your tech comfort level, you can easily figure out how to use a fax without a phone line.

The cost? Most of these solutions are free to download, while other premium services offer free trial periods.

Users can unload advanced features when they pay a monthly or annual subscription.

Benefits of using a digital fax machine

Most corporate bodies still prefer faxing documents instead of emailing them. Here are the benefits:

Remote access

Digital fax services make it easier to work remotely, as employees can fax documents from anywhere using an internet-enabled device. Just sign into the web-based portal, upload the document, and hit “Send.”

This option enables you to view incoming faxes in your email inbox. Remote employees can also access documents anytime via the cloud faxing platform.

Tight document security

Online faxing tackles the challenge of document security by offering data encryption for your files.

Online faxing services protect your files through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Many cloud-based services are compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC. This is important for companies in highly-regulated industries like healthcare and finance that deal with sensitive information.

Enhanced collaborations

Digital fax services are developed with modern workplaces in mind — which means digital transformation, paperless workflows, and seamless collaboration.

They offer smooth integrations with document management systems and other office software. This helps teams to share documents faster.

Reduced costs

Looking for how to receive a fax without a fax machine at a low cost? You don’t need a physical device or a dedicated phone line.

Online fax services are cheaper to invest in, especially for small businesses.

Also, maintenance costs for these services are practically non-existent because you are not fixing any parts or buying stationery.

Just subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to continually access updated features on the service. (And remember some service level plans, while limited, are indeed free.)

Better workflow organization

A faxing mobile app or web application offers features to let you search and filter by date, fax number, status, or custom tags.

Digital fax machines organize your workflow by providing audit logs and transmission reports on all documents. You’ll also be able to send files to multiple recipients simultaneously.

How to fax without a fax machine

PandaDoc Online Fax is an intuitive digital solution that enables you to share documents from your computer.

You don’t need a stand-alone, physical fax machine to use PandaDoc Online Fax for sending pages of scanned documents.

Here’s how to send a fax without a fax machine.

  1. Create an account first.
  2. Go to the app interface.
  3. Upload the document you want to share and click “Send.”
  4. Receive notifications when the fax gets to the recipient.


Investing in a digital fax service is more beneficial than using an actual device.

Ease of use, lower maintenance costs, and opportunity for collaboration are the benefits you enjoy when you choose a web-based portal.

Some solutions are free to use and offer data security for users sharing sensitive documents.

Before opting for paid plans on any online fax service, make sure the application you choose best matches your needs.

Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely, you can use your smartphone as a fax machine.

    Online faxing services make sending personal and business documents from your mobile phone easy. You can also use a web-based portal to initiate sending and receiving files on your cell phone.

  • When you choose PandaDoc Online Fax, you can send documents without a fax machine or phone line.

    This service doesn’t need a physical fax machine to work because it is entirely web-based. You also get notified of incoming faxes through email.

  • Some platforms provide an email-to-fax option, which lets you send faxes through your email service provider. It’s as easy as sending email messages.


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