Faxing is one of the oldest means of sending documents that’s still relevant today.

Thanks to cloud computing, digital fax services have replaced physical machines, making it easier to send documents on a large scale.

Cloud faxing offers quick and paperless transfer of documents to meet the needs of any business, individual, or organization.

With cloud-based technology, companies can improve security when faxing sensitive information.

So how does cloud fax work? Here’s everything you need to know about cloud faxing service and what it can do for your business.

What is a cloud-based fax service?

A cloud-based fax service is an online tool that relies on a cloud infrastructure to send and receive fax communication.

The files you send stay on remote servers until the intended recipient opens and downloads them.

You don’t need a telephone or machine to send a digital fax on the cloud.

It’s just like sending an email; all you need is an account on a cloud faxing provider and an internet connection.

How does a cloud-based fax service protect your data?

A secure cloud faxing service offers a reliable way to send and receive documents without a physical device.

These services use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) to protect the data as it travels to and from the cloud so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

The presence of secure encryption tools makes cloud fax services an excellent software program for businesses with remote employees.

Everyone on the team will prefer to send and receive documents through a single cloud faxing provider.

Three different types of cloud services

The cloud fax service you need to send files occasionally differs from the one you use a hundred times a day for business.

Sometimes, cloud fax services may be integrated into computer systems for easier access.

Similarly, some online fax tools are perfect for personal use, while others are tailored to medium-sized businesses or enterprise-grade companies.

Let’s consider these three categories:

Free cloud fax

Free cloud fax lets users send files through an online portal. It’s quick and easy to use, and the user doesn’t need to pay a dime.

This type of cloud service is for beginners or single-purpose users who don’t need to send documents regularly.

PandaDoc Online Fax is a free cloud fax service that fits this description.

Cloud fax service

This solution provides faxing functionalities at a reasonable price — usually on a monthly subscription for a limited number of pages per month.

A basic cloud fax service lets you share files from your email account, providing extra services like inbound toll-free numbers.

Enterprise cloud fax

With enterprise cloud faxing, businesses and corporations will get an all-inclusive suite of tools for instantly sharing printed/printable documents and other forms of communication.

Enterprise cloud faxing also specifies user permissions for who can view the sent files or not.

Why do you need a cloud faxing service?

Since its inception, faxing has survived every era of technical advancement and remains valuable for transferring information.

The only change is that most people are switching from physical devices to digital solutions. Here are the benefits of cloud faxing:

1. It allows you to send fax by email

If you are away from your computer, you only need to log into your email account associated with the cloud provider to send the fax via email.

After entering the receiver’s phone number and address, you can hit “Send.”

The document will appear in the recipient’s inbox within seconds.

2. It curbs unnecessary expenses

Cloud faxing removes the cost of maintaining on-site machines or upgrading to newer fax capabilities when new features are released.

A cloud-based tool also makes the storage of data easier and more affordable.

If not using a free service, the only fees you’d be paying would be for the monthly or annual subscription.

3. Send and receive fax on mobile devices

Cloud technology ensures that users can transmit faxes on mobile devices smoothly and conveniently.

A cloud faxing service provides dedicated numbers which you can set up for various departments in your office.

That way, everyone on the team can use the secure faxing platform on mobile according to its capabilities.

4. Fax documents to multiple recipients simultaneously

As your workforce expands, you’ll need to send documents to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Doing this with a cloud-based platform ensures you meet your highest fax volume requirements without hiccups or web traffic restrictions.

5. Improve the security of transmissions

Cloud-based fax protects your data in storage or transit using a robust security infrastructure; your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption and security protocols.

Online faxing solutions rely on these security features to eliminate potential risks, especially in industries that deal with sensitive data.

6. Enhance collaborations

A cloud fax service is an excellent addition to the modern agile workplace. It can integrate other apps and is accessible from mobile devices.

Enterprise cloud fax services also integrate seamlessly into back-end applications to promote end-to-end business workflows between you and your clients.

How PandaDoc can help your business

Businesses can use cloud faxing solutions to send small volumes or adopt enterprise cloud faxing for higher workflow demands.

These services are also available for non-commercial purposes.

PandaDoc is a reputable solution that allows you to send files electronically from your computer without needing an actual faxing device.

This tool can modernize the process of faxing information for your business.

PandaDoc is simple and convenient for anyone to use. This tool offers tight security for data transmitted through remote servers.

To send your documents, you need to create a PandaDoc account. After that, upload a document you want to share, and send it.


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