Drafting up new proposals is often a time-consuming process.

With lengthy sales cycles, disrupted workflows and inconsistent branding, a poor proposal can make or break a deal.

When it comes to collaboration between your team and your clients, communication can get lost in email threads, resulting in delays and missed quotas.

Plus, if payment processing is separate, this can create an even longer sales cycle.

In fact, it’s estimated that when sales reps offer payment options within their proposals, it’s 90% more likely to close a deal.

Not only can document workflow inefficiencies cause missed quotes, but they can also cause an inconsistent brand experience for prospects.

From a customer’s very first touchpoint to post-purchase, providing an exceptional buyer experience is vital to stand out from the competition.

That’s where Rooms comes in.

Our centralized hub allows you to create engaging touch points with each customer, all in one place.

From proposals to testimonials, all of your collateral that’s needed to close the deal can easily be managed within one, single platform.

With seamless integrations, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by creating quotes in HubSpot that showcase your brand’s unique style.

This will help you tailor quotes to meet your customer’s needs, offering interactive solutions without the usual hassle of jumping from one platform to the other.

Rooms allows sellers to create a secure workspace where they can share content, collaborate and negotiate with relevant stakeholders for a more efficient, personalized and engaging buyer experience.

A centralized hub for buyers and sellers

Rooms is a collaborative hub for businesses to showcase their products and services to buyers, providing a seamless experience with your brand.

Here’s a few ways our new feature will help streamline your agreement workflow:

  • Easily collaborate with your team and buyers with a centralized space that speeds up the buying processes and makes deals happen faster.
  • Stand out in a competitive market by guiding buyers through their decision-making process with shared personalized workspaces and mini-sites, without spending a fortune.
  • Consistently deliver an exceptional experience to your buyers by embracing a platform that brings every step together, from initial discovery to contract signature, to payment, onboarding and beyond.
how rooms help business

Taking the headache out of proposal building

PandaDoc’s latest feature provides centralized workflows that simplify the buyer’s journey.

With Rooms, you can:

  • Securely share documents and resources tailored to your prospects, using unique links, keeping everyone on track with task based action plans ensuring deals keep moving forward.
  • Gain additional insights on your content to understand what is working and what isn’t in your sales strategy.
  • Leverage ready made templates customized to different buyer personas.

Plus, you can expedite your entire document creation process from start to finish with a one-stop shop experience:

Make deals happen faster

No more endless email threads and scattered resources.

Give buyers a single place for all deal information, including action plans. Speed up the buying process and close more in less time.

Get everyone on the same page

No more struggling to coordinate resources and next steps.

Make collaboration easy for your team and buyers with a centralized space for all stakeholders.

Elevate buying instantly

Stand out in a competitive market by guiding buyers through their decision-making process with shared personalized workspaces and mini-sites without spending a fortune.

Stay in the know and take action

Track buyer engagement to understand the effectiveness of your content, and time follow-ups based on your buyer’s interactions.

Go beyond closing deals

Onboard new customers and keep sharing your content throughout their entire journey with your business in a more engaging way.

Stay in control of your resources

Keep full control by managing access permissions for every file and folder, ensuring that only the right people have access at the right time.

adrien frederic about rooms

Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools

As you’re building out new document workflows with Rooms, you can drive even more efficiency and close more deals with PandaDoc integrations.

Rooms offers integrations with Hubspot to reduce time to close and provide a one-stop shop experience for you and your customers.

You can automate the entire document creation process, track statuses within Hubspot and reclaim time for closing deals and speed-up sales cycles.

You’re able to expand the ROI from your CRM and unlock easy document generation and eSignature capabilities.

Ready to dive in and see how it really works?

How to use Rooms

1. Locating Rooms

Curious where you can access and start using Rooms?

Once you login to PandaDoc, you can navigate to Rooms on the top left hand side under the apps section.

To get started, simply click to create a new room, either from scratch or from an existing template, and up on the Templates tab, you can click to create a new template or view existing templates.

PandaDoc Rooms set up

On the bottom left, you have Settings.

This is where you can select notifications you would like to receive regarding any actions within the shared group.

When a new Room is created, you will find some sample items to help give an idea of what can be done within the room’s homepage.

2. Creating a new Rooms template

Once you’re in a specific room, you can start customizing. You can easily edit existing blocks, delete or add new blocks.

With some magical editing, you can see how this page can be totally customized to fit any use.

On the left, you’ll see Documents and files.

This is where all documents you might need for your sales cycle are, from proposals to NDAs and everything in between.

It’s simple to add your existing PandaDoc templates, upload new files or add links to important collateral.

setting a template for PandaDoc rooms

Above Documents and files is an Action plan.

Action plan keeps sellers and buyers aligned with tasks and next steps. This area is customizable.

You can add or move items, set time-based due dates, upload files and share links.

You can also create new rooms for your templates. You can add roles for each recipient and give the room a unique name.

The roles that are automatically created come from templates that are added to the room.

setting up roles in PandaDoc rooms

3. Customizing your room’s home screen

We can customize a room’s Home screen to make it more client specific.

In Documents and files, you can see that we have all the documents listed, and you can even add more collateral if needed.

Clicking into the document, you can see that all the variables have been filled in, and all the fields are assigned to the correct recipients.

PandaDoc rooms publishing

Once you’re ready, you can proceed with publishing your room for your recipients by clicking Publish.

4. Publishing a new room for recipients

After you’ve finished publishing, you may be wondering what your Room looks like to the recipient.

At the top of your screen, it shows how many documents need to be signed. The recipient can, of course, click to watch the video and scroll through the landing page.

You can get started with any of your documents by clicking on Sign now.

As soon as a document is signed, recipients can seamlessly move along to the next document until all are complete.

With Rooms, the client’s entire document lifecycle can exist in one place.

In a shared room, we can create a new folder for onboarding and add additional documents that the recipient might need to sign or review.

Now you can start making your sales cycle a breeze for your customers and also have complete financial control over all your payments by tracking them on our new Payments app dashboard.

What are the different use cases for Rooms?

    • Create a secure workspace where sellers can share content, collaborate and negotiate with relevant stakeholders for a more efficient, personalized and engaging buyer’s experience.
    • Personalize the sale: Establish a digital hub for secure content sharing with buyers.
    • Manage Tasks: Keep sellers and buyers aligned with mutual action plans.
    • Setup Templates: Get started quickly using ready-to-use Rooms templates. 
    • Build Branded Homepages: Quickly put together personalized mini-sites for different buyer segments.
    • Track Analytics: Understand how your content performs and give your buyers what they want to see.

    • Accelerate onboarding, drive adoption, and facilitate expansion with a personalized workspace for each customer, enabling you to remove friction and deliver a winning experience: 
      • Eliminate endless email exchanges and centralize resources by managing all stakeholders in one account through a shared workspace.
      • Create customized mini-sites for each customer, providing them with easy and fast access to the information they need.
      • Assign tasks and allow clients to assign tasks to you.
      • Stay informed with alerts on engagement within your workspace content.
    • Finance and Ops teams can monitor and follow up on outstanding requests, send nudges to customers and have a bird’s eye view of all their payments and documents, all in one place.
    • This serves as a dedicated “Home” for all payment requests associated with PandaDoc documents.

    Overall, Rooms can help support a variety of your business needs.

Business plan customers can use up to three published rooms at a time. For unlimited rooms, upgrade to our Enterprise plan.