Here at PandaDoc, we love seeing our customers excel with our features, and hearing their stories is what keeps us going.

Whether it’s supporting proposal creation, forms, eSignatures or contracts, we love helping our customers get more time back in their day.

Based entirely on customer feedback, TrustRadius recently assessed over 53,000 customer reviews to select the Top Rated companies in 2024.

We’re thrilled to be recognized in this year’s TrustRadius Top Rated 2024 awards.

Now that the PandaDoc reviews are in, we’re diving into some of the top features our customers love about PandaDoc as well as the most popular use cases for your business.

Explore our customer’s favorite PandaDoc features

1. Effortless document generation software

When it comes to building new documents, our drag-and-drop editing tools help you easily create and share with clients in minutes.

Our customers and their clients are leveraging our user-friendly interface to sign and share their proposals and agreements.

Here’s how one of our customers recommended using PandaDoc for effortless document creation:

“Our company relies heavily on efficient, secure, and user-friendly solutions for sending documents to our clients for signatures, and PandaDoc has consistently exceeded our expectations.

What stands out most is the ease of use. The interface is intuitive, making it straightforward to prepare documents for sending and signing.

This user-friendly aspect is not just limited to us as senders — our clients frequently commend how simple and hassle-free the signing process is on their end.”

With customizable templates and drag-and-drop functionality, creating polished documents takes minutes, not hours.

PandaDoc provides document generation software with a user-friendly editor that allows users to effortlessly create professional-looking proposals, contracts, quotes and forms.

examples of agreements

We also have an extensive template library that consists of more than 1000+ document types.

Each template can then be filtered based on their use case and also be edited depending on your requirements.

If you’re exploring your own documents and templates, that can be done too, thanks to PandaDoc’s smart editor.

You can create custom content libraries to quickly build new documents that are consistently on-brand for your business.

The convenience of our plug-and-play templates saves time and resources when building new agreements, proposals or forms.

Not only does PandaDoc provide easy access to hundreds of templates, but also advanced tracking analytics so you can complete more agreements, proposals and forms in record time.

We’re diving into how this is one of our customer’s favorite features next.

2. Powerful analytics and tracking tools

With our advanced document tracking and analytics software, you’re able to easily track if your document is opened, viewed or completed.

As soon as your document is received, you can track every action a recipient takes.

One valued PandaDoc customer mentioned:

The reminder system and templatization greatly speeds up the drafting and sending of these documents, and the collection of the digital signatures ensures we are compliant legally.

This helps us send proposals much faster and easily keep track of the progress and viewing of the documents by our potential clients.”

Not only are documents easy to create and track, but we also provide a one-stop shop for electronic signature and payment capture capabilities, as well.

As soon as your document is received, you can track every action a recipient takes.

Among the metrics available, our document analytics report helps you confirm the total time a recipient spends within your document, time viewed, last view, PDF download and if any links were clicked.

Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, you can receive automated email notifications as soon as your document is opened and/or completed by recipients.

This will help you complete your documents faster and better understand how users interact with your agreements or proposals.

In order to optimize your documents even further, you can launch A/B tests to improve your engagement rates and decrease the time it takes to build new documents in the future.

In fact, on average, customers who leverage our advanced analytics and tracking see a 50% decrease in document creation time.

infographic that shows 50% decrease in document creation time with PandaDoc

Our analytics tools help drive efficiency with every document and understand what matters most to your customers.

Whether it’s determining which copy resonates most on your proposals, or understanding which links a customer is interacting with, PandaDoc analytics brings real-time insights with every document you create.

3. Secure electronic signature and payment capture

In addition to document analytics and hundreds of templates to choose from, PandaDoc offers robust e-signature capabilities that are not only secure but also compliant with various industry regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA.

PandaDoc customer, Lonnie Ayers, is using our platform for all of his proposals, to easily store payment information and electronic signatures.

Here’s how he recommends using PandaDoc:

I use PandaDoc to prepare NDAs. Professional Services Agreements, Master Services Agreements and Statements of Work (SOW). I have used it as well to invoice with and receive payments from clients. It helps me with templates and is integrated with Hubspot, my marketing and sales platform, which means I can generate more documents directly from a contact record and it will fill in all the fields I have predefined using tokens.”

PandaDoc provides flexibility to collect signatures from anywhere, on any device, with the convenience and security of electronic signatures from PandaDoc.

It’s as simple as three quick steps: create your document, sign, then track and manage your document to close as soon as all recipients have signed.

Our contract management software helps streamline all of your business needs from the creation of your contract to finalizing payment.

With PandaDoc, you can easily get status updates in real-time after sending them for e-Signatures.

In order to drive even more efficiency, PandaDoc integrates with a wide range of tools that you’re likely already using at your business.

4. Seamless integrations

PandaDoc customers across the globe are maximizing efficiency with critical tool integrations such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about PandaDoc integrations:

It is integrated with Salesforce so all contact information is integrated into the license orders and statements of work that are sent for signature.”

PandaDoc seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular business tools including payment platforms like Stripe, PayPal, QuickBooks and Square.

This integration flexibility allows users to leverage their existing software stack while incorporating PandaDoc’s document management and e-signature functionalities.

The result is a cohesive ecosystem that enhances productivity and efficiency across the board.

PandaDoc now has a two-way data sync with HubSpot, which allows fields to automatically sync: whenever a text field is completed, or a checkbox is selected, the data will efficiently sync with HubSpot.

When asked what some of the top features are, specifically for proposals, customers mentioned:

  • Integrates with Hubspot
  • Stores reusable items in a content library
  • Accepts payments (greatly reducing payment friction)
  • Provides many useful templates

Curious if PandaDoc integrates with your CRM platform? Explore our full list of integrations here.

PandaDoc also has a variety of automations to help you scale more documents in less time.

We’re diving into some of our customer’s favorite automations next.

5. Time-saving automations

On average, you can complete 87% more documents in half the time with PandaDoc.

PandaDoc’s workflow automation software helps you add more time back to your day with automated reminder emails and approval workflows.

infographic shows that PandaDoc automation platform helps to complete 87% more documents in half the time

Building optimal paperwork management workflows allows you to have more impactful conversations with your team and concentrate on other important things, like scaling your business.

Automated reminder emails, approval workflows, CRM integrations and seamless team collaborations keep your document processes running smoothly in the background, helping you focus on creating stunning documents that increase your closing rate.

Explore use cases for PandaDoc

Curious how you can start leveraging PandaDoc for your business?

Explore our most popular PandaDoc use cases below:

Frequently asked questions

  • PandaDoc software helps enable teams to drive efficiency with improved document workflows, insights and automations while delivering an amazing experience for their customers.

    Businesses across a diverse range of industries trust PandaDoc’s all-in-one document automation software to streamline the process to create, approve, and eSign proposals, quotes, contracts and more.

    A few common use cases of PandaDoc are: 

    • Proposals 
    • Quotes
    • Contracts
    • HR documents
    • Forms
    • eSignatures
    • Payments
  • PandaDoc is document automation software that provides a one-stop shop for businesses across the globe.

    This all-in-one tool provides users with the ability to create, edit, send and track documents quickly with robust analytics, over 750 document templates and CRM integrations. 

    With its intuitive interface, robust collaboration features, secure e-signature capabilities, seamless integrations and exceptional customer support, it’s no wonder that customers love PandaDoc.

    Whether you’re a small business owner, a freelancer or a large enterprise, PandaDoc empowers you to streamline your document workflows and achieve greater efficiency and success.