In the fast-paced world of sales, where the difference between closing a deal and missing an opportunity can depend on the smallest details, the last thing you want is to be slowed down by the time-consuming and error-prone copying and pasting of customer data into sales documents.

We are excited to announce a major update to our PandaDoc integration with HubSpot – a full two-way data synchronization between PandaDoc and HubSpot.

These new integration workflows eliminate the need for manual actions to sync data, making the process more reliable. Choose the platform that suits your workflow, and keep your data updated without the need to switch between systems.

Two-way synchronization workflows include enhancements for importing data from HubSpot into PandaDoc, as well as pushing data from PandaDoc back into HubSpot. The latter type of workflow leverages PandaDoc Automations which requires having it enabled in your account. PandaDoc Automations is included in the Enterprise plan and can be added to the Business plan for an extra fee.

Automatically sync Fillable Fields from PandaDoc with HubSpot

Transferring data from PandaDoc fields back into the attributes of objects in HubSpot is now easier than ever.

Whenever a customer enters a value in a text field, checks a checkbox or radio button, or selects a value from a dropdown, the data is efficiently moved back into HubSpot.

Sync Product Updates between Quote Builder / Pricing Table and HubSpot

We have expanded our update capabilities to enable a comprehensive two-way sync between Quote Builder and Pricing Tables in PandaDoc and Deal Line Items in Hubspot.

This enhancement addresses the crucial requirement for increased data exchange capabilities, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring complete data alignment between systems.

These new workflows support both standard and custom fields in both PandaDoc and HubSpot, and include a wide range of predefined mapping logic to handle complex data formats.

Update an existing document with the latest HubSpot Deal data

In addition to synchronizing the values between Deal Line Items in Hubspot and Pricing Tables and Quote Builder in PandaDoc, we have also included synchronization of added and removed line items and added support for optional products in Quote Builder in PandaDoc.

Now, when a document is completed in PandaDoc, all line items in both systems will be brought into sync.

Don’t miss out, upgrade now!

Upgrade your sales workflow with the enhanced PandaDoc and HubSpot integration. Experience firsthand the power of two-way synchronization and say goodbye to manual data transfer.

Ready to start? Look for the PandaDoc app on the HubSpot Marketplace to start driving revenue faster with PandaDoc and HubSpot.