In a competitive industry like sales, it’s important to continuously invest in your education and stay up to date on the latest trends taking sales by storm.

A quick and easy way to stay plugged into the state of selling and where it’s headed is through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn isn’t just for social selling.

Many B2B and B2C sales professionals turn to LinkedIn to ask for their peers’ advice and share inspiring, relatable content around prospecting, cold email, demos, outreach, and more. You name it, and an expert is talking about it on LinkedIn.

We put together this list to help you discover some of the brightest, innovative minds shaping the future of sales. Scroll on to find ten global sales leaders you should start following today!

01. Jed Mahrle

Jed Mahrle

Why should you follow Jed? Jed is, as many describe, “The Future of Sales Development.” Getting his start at 17, Jed has worked his way from Lead Development Rep to Head of Outbound Sales in just three years.

He often speaks about building repeatable outbound playbooks and sequences for SDRs on LinkedIn. Follow Jed on LinkedIn.

Jed’s been featured on The Customer Engagement Lab, Predictable Revenue, and Starting SaaS.

02. Dale Dupree (aka the Copier Warrior)

Dale Dupree

Why should you follow Dale? Dale is a force to be reckoned with in the sales community. The 3x Sales Leader turned sales coach deeply believes in humanizing the sales process.

He regularly shares content related to B2B, sales, cold calling, and experiential marketing.

The former Selling Local host is known for sharing tactical methods sales teams can use to rebel against outdated sales processes. Follow Dale on LinkedIn.

Dale’s been featured on the Sales Enablement podcast, Sales Experience podcast, and Sales Gypsy podcast.

03. Amy Volas

Amy Volas

Why should you follow Amy? Amy is an Enterprise Sales LEGEND with over 20+ years of experience and more than $100MM in revenue sold.

She’s also the co-founder of Thursday Night Sales, a weekly virtual happy hour for sales professionals to learn, grow, and connect with each other.

She shares a fresh, no-nonsense perspective on sales, startups, and hiring the right sales leadership on LinkedIn. Follow Amy on LinkedIn.

Amy’s been featured on the Gain Grow Retain podcast, Modern Sales Pros, and on LinkedIn Top Sales Voices.

04. Nick Cegelski

Nick Cegelski

Why should you follow Nick? His peers describe Nick as “a vault of invaluable information and knowledge.”

The 30 Minutes to President’s Club co-host has an extensive background as an Enterprise Account Executive.

On LinkedIn, he shares tips for optimizing your time as a salesperson and actionable sales tactics for cold calls and demos. Follow Nick on LinkedIn.

Nick’s been featured on The Revenue Playbook, Hey SalesPeople, and the Monday Morning Sales Minute.

05. Will Aitken

Will Aitken

Why should you follow Will? Will is a tech salesman turned content creator who offers up low-effort sales tips and tricks to help sales teams perform at their best while still having fun.

He uses his past sales experiences to create bite-sized video content that brings humor to what would otherwise be boring sales topics.

And even though this post is about LinkedIn, his TikTok is worth checking out. Follow Will on LinkedIn.

Will’s been featured on the Marketing Spark podcast, The Customer Engagement Lab, and Sell Better.

06. Morgan J. Ingram

Morgan J. Ingram

Why should you follow Morgan? Morgan is a sales leader and sales coach. He’s also the host of the 1Up Formula podcast. The former SDR is known for sharing valuable insights vital to successful prospecting.

Morgan covers everything from multi-channel sales processes to handling objections. He even has his own LinkedIn Learning course to help you build a personal brand on LinkedIn. Follow Morgan on LinkedIn.

Morgan’s been featured on: The Customer Experience Podcast, Atlanta Startup Podcast, and Cold Calling Live.

07. Ian Koniak

Ian Koniak

Why should you follow Ian? Ian is an expert in Enterprise Sales. He has over $100M in career sales under his belt and was the #1 Strategic Account Executive in the Enterprise Select Division of

He now uses his 19 years of tech sales experience to coach AEs on how to perform their best with the right mindset, habits, and skills.

If that’s not enough for you, Ian hit his quota 42 months in a row. On LinkedIn, he aims to inspire and empower sales teams to reach their full potential and often speaks on the importance of work/life balance. Follow Ian on LinkedIn.

Ian’s been featured on The Customer Engagement Lab, Selling with Love, and The Millennial Sales Podcast.

08. Will Allred

Will Allred

Why should you follow Will? If you want to know how to write great sales emails, look no further. Will is a co-founder at Lavender, an email intelligence platform best known for its assistant that helps sellers write great, personalized emails faster.

On LinkedIn, he shares best practices for cold emails covering everything from subject lines to the perfect call-to-action. Follow Will on LinkedIn.

Will’s been featured on The Revenue Playbook, Blissful Prospecting, and The Customer Engagement Lab.

09. Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Why should you follow GB? GB, aka the Sales Dev SaaStress, is an SDR Leader and Co-Founder of the Women in Sales Club.

Since working her way to the top from a humble beginning as an Enterprise SDR, GB has been on a mission to share her wealth of knowledge with the next generation of SaaS sales talent.

On LinkedIn, she balances the art and science of sales to provide tips on sales leadership, career development, and all things outbound. Follow GB on LinkedIn.

GB’s been featured on the Go To Market Podcast, Sales Hustle, and Unstoppable.

10. Belal Batrawy

Belal Batrawy

Why should you follow Belal? Belal is a SaaS sales advisor and a 7X startup seller, including an IPO, an acquisition, and a Fortune Unicorn.

He is an analytic and strategic seller who uses his experiences as a founding sales team member on Enterprise and Mid-Market teams to share mind-blowing tactics around demo discovery, cold calls, sales enablement, and messaging. Follow Belal on LinkedIn.

Belal’s been featured on 30 Minutes to President’s Club, ABM Conversations, and The Customer Engagement Lab.

We can all use a little inspiration now and then. And these ten sales gurus won’t disappoint. Every day, you can look forward to seeing original content based on real-world sales experiences and discussions that may just change your perspective on traditional sales techniques.