How to sign your name in cursive electronically

There are four ways to sign your name in cursive electronically.

You can go more old school and use a scanner or digital drawing tool, or choose more modern tech by employing an online signature generator or using eSignature software.

This article provides insights into all four ways and discusses the pros of using them — including possible cons of opting for older methods — when signing your name in cursive.

Scan a handwritten signature 

Option 1: Use a physical scanner

If available, set dots per inch no lower than 300 to ensure the high resolution of your scan.

After scanning, use a photo editor to remove unwanted areas or adjust the brightness and contrast.

As a final step, save the image in a PNG or JPG format.

Option 2: Use a mobile scanner app

Place your mobile device above the paper and take a photo using an app like CamScanner, Adobe Scan, or Scanner Pro.

Such apps automatically detect image boundaries and correct image perspective, making a final scan look like it was made using a real physical scanner.

Then save your signature in JPG format.

Use a digital drawing tool

A faster way to sign your name in cursive letters is to use a digital drawing tool accompanied by a mouse or a digital pen.

Adobe Photoshop

Create a new canvas with a transparent background, then select a brush with the thickness and texture you want, and draw your name in cursive using a mouse pad, stylus, or a touch screen.

Alternatively, you can upload a photo of your signature and use the Quick Selection or Magic Wand tools to remove a background.

Whichever option you choose, finalize your work by saving the signature in PNG or JPG formats.

Microsoft Paint

Create a large canvas, then select your favorite brush option and draw a signature on it.  

Another option is to type your name and choose a built-in cursive font, or download one from the 1001 Free Fonts website.

A limitation of using Paint is that it doesn’t support transparent backgrounds.

You’ll either need to use another app to remove a background, or proceed with the original if it matches the doc background.

Use an online signature generator 

Online signature generators are usually compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. In most cases, they are free and cloud-based, so you don’t need a personal account to create a signature. 

Signature maker tools have two main features:

  • Draw a cursive signature using a mouse pad, digital pen, or a touch screen. Choose a color you prefer, resize the signature to fit your doc or email, and download the signature as an image.
  • Type your name in a text box and choose the cursive font. Customize your signature with a color and adjust the slant or style of your signature.

Online signature generators like CreateMySignature or WiseStamp provide a feature to upload a document and add a digital signature to it right away, eliminating the need for a third-party tool.

Use an eSignature software solution

eSignature software solutions provide features that help create, sign, and share documents securely and quickly.

You can choose a template or upload your own document, and add a fillable signing field in your signature block.

For example, with PandaDoc’s eSignature software, you can draw or type your name using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

PandaDoc’s eSignature software

In addition to signing a document with your name, you can assign a signature field to a specific recipient. The tool will automatically send the doc to that recipient for their signature.

If you regularly deal with important documents that require an additional level of security, consider using an eSignature software solution.

Sign your name in cursive with PandaDoc

With PandaDoc’s eSignature software, you can quickly sign PDFs, Word, and other file types with your name in cursive style.

The built-in editor offers options to upload, draw, or type your name, as well as save your signature for quick use in future docs.

Itl is legally binding and compliant with ESIGN and UETA regulations. Plus, with every signed doc you get an electronic certificate.

Try PandaDoc out for free and start signing documents in cursive today.