What a year! In 2019, you guys closed over $5 BILLION in business using PandaDoc. Hats off to you!

Let’s keep the momentum going in 2020 by taking advantage of our top 15 deal accelerating features.

Level up your customer experience and get to “Deal!” faster

Let’s begin with features that will make it even more enjoyable for customers to buy from you:

  • Centralized and easily accessible
    With a free PandaDoc account, your recipients can conveniently review, sign, and store all deal documents in one place. Read more
  • “Decline” helps you move on
    Recipients can now decline a document and explain why. After a document is declined, recipients stop receiving reminders or notifications. Read more
  • Automate the follow through
    Once a document is completed, all recipients will receive a PDF copy of the signed document via email so everyone is on the same page.
  • Wear your company colors
    Your document email notifications should look like you. Customize them with your brand colors for a consistent look and feel.

Stop wasting time looking for important documents

We introduced new document organization features to help you gain control over your ever-growing number of documents.

  • Search and find quickly and accurately
    Find documents right away using our sophisticated new Full-Text Search function to search by document content, titles, or recipients. Read more
  • Export documents and folders
    Easily download PandaDoc documents and folders for additional backup or if they need to be shared with another team. Read more
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of opportunities
    Never miss another chance to close or renew a deal with smart filters and tags. Track every doc at every stage and know the status without having to click into each document.
  • Declutter your digital world
    Organize and reorganize your growing list of documents and folders in a few clicks with drag-n-drop and a personalized folder hierarchy. Read more

Get paid inside PandaDoc and start saving time (and money)

You executed beautifully by moving a deal forward and closing it – now it’s time to get paid. To make collecting payments easier, we developed PandaDoc Payments, a world-class online checkout built right into your sales documents.

  • Collect payments inside your sales documents
    Make it easy for your customers to pay with credit card, ACH (bank transfer), or PayPal payment options. Easily connect your documents with Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal, Square, or QuickBooks payment gateways.

Spend less time on manual and repetitive tasks

We want your team focused on selling, managing opportunities, or growing the business — not building, filling out, and re-creating documents.

  • Manually copying data from proposals to contracts? There is a better way with the “Transfer data” feature
    Automatically push deal data like pricing information, recipients, and token (variable) values from proposals to contracts, or contracts to invoices without manual data entry. Read more
  • Don’t miss out on revenue generating opportunities
    Armed with a ‘renewing soon’ view and customizable alerts, you’ll never miss another opportunity to renew an agreement or contract.

Tighter integrations

One of PandaDoc’s greatest strengths is the ability to seamlessly integrate with a dozen of popular CRMs. We’ve doubled down this year and brought major updates to these integrations, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and others. Visit our Help Center to learn more about the integration you use.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve launched in 2019.

  • New native integration to Pipedrive
    Create, customize and send PandaDoc documents from Pipedrive. You can pull Pipedrive contacts and information into your documents for quick and error-free document creation. Read more
  • New native integration to Freshsales CRM
    Connect your documents and deals to save time when drafting and sending proposals. You can automate filling out documents by pulling deal and customer data from Freshsales, and track deal and document status without leaving your CRM.
  • Eliminate admin tasks with Single Sign-On (SSO)
    PandaDoc now supports SSO for quick and easy just-in-time user provisioning and maintenance. PandaDoc works with Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin, as well as other solutions supporting SAML 2.0 protocol. Read more
  • PandaDoc API updates
    The new free API sandbox allows you to test our PandaDoc document generation and eSignature API before going live. We also added API capabilities to add images when creating documents from templates and to organize documents within folders.

In addition to these headliners, we released many “under the hood” improvements, including performance fixes to support a smoother and faster document editing experience. We will continue to support you in 2020 and deliver on our promise to help you close deals faster using smart digital documents.

These new features are already available in PandaDoc, so just log in and start reaping the benefits!