Selling furniture to the modern consumer is quite challenging.

The buying experience that customers are after combines the convenience of online configuration, product visualizations, and end-to-end transparency in terms of pricing and order status tracking.

CPQ software helps both buyers and sellers to get quickly aligned on what needs to be produced and shipped, and close the deal.

Wondering how to adopt CPQ software to boost your sales of custom furniture?

Let’s find out!

Key takeaways

  • Furniture is one of the most customizable types of complex products out there, which can lead to the increased complications within the sales process.
  • Consumers want to be able to see what they are about to buy and be able to customize their product online while minimizing undesirable back-and-forth with the sales team.
  • CPQ solutions help streamline and improve the purchasing experience by giving buyers convenient product customization tools such as a product configurator.
  • On the seller’s end, CPQ software minimizes configuration errors, accelerates proposal generation, and boosts conversion rates.

Why is CPQ software so relevant for furniture retailers?

Furniture is complex and multi-layered.

A typical kitchen furniture set consists of dozens of elements that can be customized in a lot of ways for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Capturing all these requirements and preferences can be tricky without automation and convenient configuration tools.

Here’s how CPQ solutions address this issue:

  • Precise configuration of each furniture item or sets of items, including dimensions, colors, materials, accessories, fixings, fittings, and other hardware.
  • Real-time 3D or 2D preview of the resulting product
  • Instant generation of detailed order specifications and/or bills of materials that can be passed further for processing

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How CPQ solutions can help your sales team create an all-new buying experience

With CPQ, the sales process becomes much easier and more efficient for everyone.

Your customers can now configure their products, and for each order placed, your sales team will receive a detailed order specification that can be updated, customized, and embedded into a template-based proposal with just a few clicks.

As the result of fast, streamlined communications and professional looking proposals, your leads will convert into deals faster and with a higher probability of cross-selling and upselling various product options.

How PandaDoc helps your furniture sales process

PandaDoc can be used as a standalone CPQ solution for simpler usage scenarios with limited customizability or as part of a much more complex integration with CRM/ERP systems of your choice.

Being an integrated document management and proposal generation platform with CPQ capabilities, PandaDoc brings a lot to the table in terms of furniture sales automation:

  • Creation of attractive proposals consistent with corporate style guides
  • Fast and easy import of detailed order data into predefined placeholders in a proposal
  • Unified, centralized proposal storage
  • End-to-end tracking of proposal statuses
  • Integrated e-signing and payment capabilities

Summing up

Due to the nature of furniture as a complex, customizable product, the use of some form of CPQ software is vital for the success of your retail business.

PandaDoc can serve as a binding agent between your CRM/ERP system and your customers.

The platform helps you build a smooth, user-friendly sales workflow backed by a stellar customer experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue growth.

Are you ready to give CPQ a chance to change the way you’ve been selling and increase sales? Sign up today for a free 14-day trial or book a short demo to get a better idea of what PandaDoc has in stock for you.


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