Having a seamless experience for your buyers will not only create a memorable initial impression, but can go a long way in ensuring your deal closes quickly and with further upside in the future.

Just like for your buyers, an experience can only be seamless if it’s easy for you (or your PandaDoc admins) to set up.

Read on to learn about some key features to implement if you want to uplevel your buyers’ experience, and see how easy we’ve made it for you (or your admins) to implement.

Building branded and professional documents that impress

Do your proposals let prospective buyers know that you mean business?

Here’s two ways you can easily add another layer of branding to your sales docs to leave recipients saying “wow” and create more brand recognition:

1. Custom branding

Custom Branding allows you to ensure when emailing your proposals that they look and feel like your company.

Upload your logo and branding colors for that extra touch of professionalism and continuity.

For Buyers:

They receive an impressive and professional proposal that puts your brand’s best foot forward and increases buying confidence.

For Admins:

Custom branding couldn’t be easier to set up and will apply to all your documents.

Set up in five minutes and no need to edit unless your branding changes.

Plus, you can also customize the email footer text and remove PandaDoc branding from the subject line.

Check out our step-by-step guide Applying Themes & Branding to learn more.

2. White-labeling

White-labeling allows you to set up your own custom domain to send your proposals out from.

For those wanting to go the extra mile for brand recognition and professionalism this is a great option.

For Buyers:

They’ll see an instantly recognizable email domain and increases trust.

For Admins:

It’s easy to take the reins on the look and feel of every document sent, ensuring your branding is consistent throughout.

You can even set up different white-labeling domains for different workspaces.

In order to get started, you’ll want to loop in your IT department for DNS records setup and start a conversation with our support team.

3. PandaDoc API

PandaDoc’s API is for those who require a truly unique document workflow specific for their business’s needs.

For Buyers:

PandaDoc provides them a seamless experience from start to finish.

When integrated into your website or application, buyers may not even realize they were using PandaDoc to sign your documents!

For Admins:

PandaDoc’s API was designed to be easy, flexible, and powerful for admins to tailor to their business’s workflow requirements.

There’s a lot to cover with our API – check out our Getting Started Guide to dive in deeper.

Once you’ve successfully created a seamless experience for your brand, you can customize each quote to close more deals. We’re diving into this next.

Tailored quotes that are flexible and immediately actionable

Curious how you can close more deals at a faster rate?

Here are two solutions for effectively tailoring your quotes to drive more engagement:

1. PandaDoc Payments

PandaDoc Payments was built for faster, more convenient payments.

Easily embed payment requests into proposals and quotes to keep your sales moving forward.

With support for Stripe, Authorize.net, Square, QuickBooks Payments and PayPal delayed payments will seem like a distant memory.

For Buyers:

They’ll have effortless e-signature and payment, all in one place.

For Admins:

Admins can enjoy support from all the most popular payment gateways added, flexible options for payment requests (singular, installments, or recurring), and hassle-free automatic follow up for past due payments.

pandadoc sales quote with payment gateways

2. CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote,” and refers to a very important part of the sales process where the sales team produces quotes for configurable products using specialized software and sales automation.

With PandaDoc’s CPQ, you can create flexible quotes that match exactly what you sell, plus enjoy the advantage of sharing attractive, clear quotes, allowing customers to choose what they need in an easy, shopping-like experience.

For Buyers:

They’ll get access to attractive, flexible quotes.

They can easily see detailed information on pricing per unit, service costs, volume discounts, taxes and fees, etc.

They also have flexibility (if permissioned by admin) to customize quantities and get accurate pricing in real time.

For Admins:

Choose from a variety of attractive visual layouts, configure bundling options, recurring subscription calculations, as well as discounting rules based on product quantities.

You can also make certain options adjustable by the buyer to prevent further back and forth with re-quoting.

Be sure to explore our step-by-step guide to building quotes with PandaDoc.

Centralized documentation that makes action seamless

With centralized documentation you can seamlessly integrate eSign into any of your existing platforms with maximum efficiency.

1. Bundling

Document Bundling allows you to group multiple documents, send and track them all at once, within a single document transaction — no more misplaced documents or sifting through emails.

For Buyers:

Document bundling allows buyers to review multiple documents and sign at once for maximum efficiency.

For Admins:

Bundle up to ten documents together and send them all at once for eSign.

You can bundle your documents by uploading existing documents or by generating documents from existing templates.

You’re also able to monitor insights for a single transaction rather than tracking individual documents.

2. PandaDoc Rooms

Rooms allow sellers to create a secure portal where they can share content, collaborate, and negotiate with relevant stakeholders for a more efficient, personalized, and engaging buyer experience.

For Buyers:
With Rooms, buyers have a single destination for all important documentation, resources, media and task lists.

They also have the flexibility to seamlessly invite additional stakeholders as the deal progresses.

For Admins:
Admins can create a variety of templates to use or share with other users when creating a room.

We’ve made it easy to upload existing PandaDoc documents or external media to a room with a simple drag and drop interface.

Admins can also create and assign tasks through a mutual action plan that keeps buyers accountable and keep the sales cycle rolling.

Admins are able to easily edit sharing permissions or invite additional stakeholders to collaborate, as well.

Start delivering a seamless buyer and admin experience

We hope you’ve learned a few things on how to deliver a seamless buyer and admin experience with PandaDoc.