Email messaging might be phasing out faxing, but fax machines remain prominent in the health, legal, and finance industries.

This technology is still the most secure means of business communication.

You may have wondered aloud the question I recently asked: “Why is it so hard to get fax services near me?”

The answer is simple: with recent technical advancements, finding a fax machine in modern offices is challenging.

Most organizations are going paperless and getting rid of cumbersome equipment.

Since it’s impossible to carry the fax equipment everywhere, finding a fax machine near me is crucial.

In this article, I’ll go through some places where you can find a fax machine — locations where I’ve found them, and where you can too!

Where can I fax something near me?

Business owners and private individuals who opt not to have an on-premises fax machine can outsource their faxing to nearby locations. Here are the best places to find a fax machine around you.

1. Shipping centers

Both local and international shipping centers offer printing and faxing services.

You’ll find shipping stores like FedEx, UPS, or Mail Depot willing to send your documents.

Depending on the number of pages, these shipping stores charge a reasonable fee for faxing services to the public.

The per-page cost may decrease when you want to send a fax with many pages.

2. Banks

When searching “where I can send a fax near me,” the bank isn’t necessarily at the top of the list.

Some banks still use fax machines, even though it is not available to the general public.

If you’re a VIP customer, you could successfully convince a bank teller to help you send a quick fax.

3. Supermarkets

Have you checked with the local supermarket?

It might surprise you to find that “faxing services near me” are as close as where you do your grocery shopping, as some markets have this option with their mail services.

The pricing per fax depends on the type of documents you want to send.

Although the number of places you can fax is decreasing by the day, supermarkets are always open for business.

4. Shopping malls

Shopping malls attract all sorts of visitors, especially tourists — and mall owners understand that some of them may need emergency services, including using a fax machine.

With that in mind, I can stop by the mall to find a fax near me.

The only drawback is that using fax machines in the mall might be more expensive than in other places.

5. Schools

Many educational institutions rely on fax for sending documents.

Apart from transmitting files, school administrators and teaching staff use fax machines to manage documents in the school system.

While scouting around for places where to fax near me, public schools and colleges always come to mind.

However, some college campuses might not let you send or receive a fax due to security concerns.

6. Libraries

You are most likely to find a fax machine in the library.

If you check well, you’d see a local library willing to send faxes for free or at a price.

However, not all libraries have fax machines for public use.

Some only allow registered members to use their equipment.

The local library was one of the best places for faxing near me since I already had a library card.

Instead of paying a monthly fax fee, I can send and receive a fax during the library’s operating hours.

Where can I send a fax away from home?

You can also fax while on a business trip or vacation.

Finding fax places near me while “on holiday” isn’t restricted to familiar areas like those mentioned above. Here are some places to check out.


Many hotels have a fax machine to enable guests to send faxes for free.

But before you set out with your docs in hand, it’s good to check in with the hotel and confirm if they offer faxing services.

You may not find a hotel with an in-house fax machine, but they can take your documents and fax it on your behalf.

Receiving fax in a hotel is tricky, although you may be fortunate to locate a hotel that allows it.

Make sure the sender clearly identifies you by name, hotel room if applicable, etc., on the cover letter.

AAA Clubs

To date, the AAA club is where I can use a fax machine without restraint. Members of AAA clubs can send and receive faxes at any nearest office.

Even if you’re not a member, you can call their customer service to discuss membership options and benefits.

Travel agencies

When you’re on vacation, the travel agency can help you with faxing documents.

Many travel agent offices have a public fax machine available for client use.

Some agencies offer faxing services for free, while others attach a price per page.

It’s good practice to check with your specified agent office and confirm fax availability and the costs attached.

Post office

Many local post offices will let you use their fax machine at the customer service desk.

For only a small fee, you can send and receive faxes where you are.

With USPS offices sprinkled all over, sending faxes near me has never been easier.

And you can always consider other options if you need a place that lets you receive faxes.


Like hotels, airports also provide business centers for travelers.

Within the airport’s business center, you can use office equipment like telephones, printers, photocopiers, and fax machines.

The prices vary from airport to airport, and from store to store within the airport (as well as their business center), so don’t be disappointed when faxing rates are outrageous.

Pricing could be less of a factor if you’re stuck at the airport when searching for “fax machines near me.”

Benefits of using online fax solutions

With an online fax solution, you don’t need a fax machine before you can send faxes.

Here are the top reasons you should get an online fax app.

Ease of use

Digital fax services let you send documents from anywhere.

With an online faxing solution, you don’t need to be connected to any physical machine to send files.

All you have to do is upload your document, add the recipient’s number, and click “Send” on your device.

Saves time

Most public fax services are not open 24 hours a day. What happens when you need to fax in the dead of night?

With online fax, you can send documents at will.

Rather than standing in line for your fax, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone when the file gets to the recipient.

Sometimes, finding a fax machine in your location may be difficult, no matter where you look.

Here, an online fax solution is your next best thing to save time.


Using a public fax machine is unsafe when faxing business secrets or contracts.

To keep your data safe, get an online fax solution and protect your files from unauthorized interception.

Most online fax services also protect your data with airtight encryption protocols.

They also provide features that let you restrict user access to faxes accordingly.


Faxing may be getting phased out, but it’s still the most secure means of sending and receiving business documents.

Additionally, you don’t need to own a physical device before you can send your files.

Next time you’re trying to fax an office document, you can rush to any of the public service locations mentioned above.

You can also use online faxing services to send and receive files if you cannot find a fax machine within your area.

With an online faxing solution, you can send faxes instantly online.

And most importantly, you don’t need to get a fax number to start using it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Some public places like schools, libraries, and shipping centers offer faxing services. Instead of spending hours searching for “where to fax paper near me” on Google, check out any of these places.

  • An online fax app allows you to edit, scan, send, and receive a fax on your mobile. You can start faxing when you open the online fax software on your web browser. You just need to get the recipient’s fax number and you are all set.


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