Over the past few years, an animation video has turned into the most powerful medium for marketing endeavors.

And why not? Not just animations help businesses engage the audience but also inspire prospects to make purchases.

A good example is Google Doodles. These adorable animation videos make us want to click on them.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, “The size of the animation market across the globe is expected to reach 270 billion by 2020. It is because animation has become a big business today and people want to love more animations.”

Today, the use of animation is not limited to production houses only.

Even corporate companies are also taking advantage of animation to increase their online sales. If you also want to boost your sales through animated videos, read this post.

1. Animation has the power to explain

One of the primary advantages of animation video is its power to explain. Regardless of the business, you are into; a well-created animation video can help you define what your brand is all about.

Remember, for customers, the first step to their purchasing journey is understanding what the product is. And animation videos help you explain your products or services in a fun-filled way.

Moreover, animation creates curiosity and sticks to the viewer’s memory for a long time.

2. Saves your time and money

If you’re using the right tool to create an animation video, this content form can save you a lot of time and money.

In comparison to live-action videos, animations remain fresh for a long time. Live-action videos start looking ridiculously outdated after a couple of years, but this is not the case with animation videos.

Animation videos have the potential to explain any concept in a matter of seconds while through other mediums, it may take minutes to hours to understand what you’re trying to convey.

Moreover, animation videos do not promote any particular race, age, or nationality.

3. Drives user engagement

No matter what your business is, sometimes it is challenging to convey the features and benefits of your product. Well, an animated video can be quite helpful in this scenario.

Animations present all the crucial information about your business in a clean and engaging way.

As per your requirement, you can use animations in any content form. For instance, you may create a video promoting your brand or simply an FAQ video to answer the queries of your audience.

In short, animated videos can be created both for attracting and educating customers.

Even if your product is complicated, animation video can be an excellent medium to convey your story. After all, the animation is capable of simplifying the concepts and explaining them in a highly visual way.

Dropbox is a good example; they also presented their business idea using the explainer animation video.

4. Idea for all sorts of marketing mediums

Another advantage of animated videos is they perform well across all marketing channels, from television to website to mobile to social media platforms.

Moreover, they are capable of making a balance between professional, casual, and fun.

5. Animation helps optimize your SEO potential

Just like us, search engines such as Google also love animated content. Adding animated content on your site boosts your SEO, and ultimately helps it rank higher on Google searches.

Since the amount of time visitors stay on your website is one of the ranking factors for Google, including animation videos on your website can help you get explosive growth in terms of SEO ranking.

You may also take advantage of YouTube to enhance your SEO performance. Create animated informative videos or tutorials associated with your product or service, and upload them on YouTube.

Not only does YouTube let you host your videos but also embed them into your website. You may include your target keywords in your videos to boost ranking.

“Over a billion users watch a billion hours of video every day. Therefore, there is a lot of traffic opportunities. So, if your video has the potential to reach millions of viewers, you can generate high traffic.”

According to research conducted by YouTube

6. Represents your brand

Animation videos have the potential to represent your brand engagingly. When making an animated video, you can develop its entire structure keeping the values and aesthetics of your brand in mind.

Animation videos let you take control over typefaces, music, movements, and colors in a way that is not possible when producing live-action content.

Already numerous popular brands are taking advantage of animation videos to promote their services.

For example, PayPal for Individuals Explainer Video beautifully explains how you can quickly open your PayPal account and add your payment method to make your purchases.

7. Creates a bond between customer and brand

When it comes to creating a bond between customers and brand, no other method can beat animation videos.

When you create an animation video with lovable characters and an engaging story, people get connected with such video quickly.

Always make sure your video has the potential to form an emotional bond with the target audience. Apart from the story and character, also use the right set of colors in your video.

If your video is able to create an impact on your audience, customers will keep your brand in mind when making the purchase.

8. Help you bring your ideas to life

Animated videos let you tell any story you want.

For example, you can show your target audience how you came into this business; how your service or product can change their life, etc.


Animation videos are one of the effective mediums to bring brand awareness and ultimately boost online sales.

If you do not create animated videos for your business, you are surely missing out on the crucial segment of digital advertising that has the potential to take your business to the next level.

Animated video is rich, engaging, easy to manage, and more affordable than various other advertising platforms. So without any doubt, make it an important part of your marketing efforts.