PandaDoc + Vidyard: How to Go From Video Zero to Hero in Sales + Marketing

Our speakers

Jordan Veiga

Jordan Veiga Senior Video Coach, Vidyard

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer, PandaDoc

Haley Soble

Haley Soble Business Development Representative, PandaDoc

Sales teams worldwide strive to demonstrate value to prospects through compelling outreach. 

In an effort to break through the noise and grab a prospect’s attention quickly, many SDRs and BDRs have turned to video outreach. 

Business Development Representative Haley Soble and Digital Content Producer Travis Tyler, both at PandaDoc, had never used video as part of their roles. But since they started, Haley’s scoring meetings with prospects, and Travis is 19 for 20 on locking down guests for his podcast. 

Haley and Travis want to teach you their secrets.In this on-demand webinar, How to Go From Video Zero to Hero in Sales & Marketing, you canfind out how video outreach changed the game for Haley and Travis, and get the inside scoop on how to put it to work for you.