The first month of a new year is no time for idle hands, so today we’re excited to highlight a clutch of new and upcoming features.

From the arrival of two-factor authentication and document sharing via text (SMS), on through recipient groups, installment payments, and a new pair of illuminating live workshops, our 2024 is clearly jumping off to an industrious start.

Here’s to another year of document efficiency!

In the Spotlight

Rounding up our biggest recent releases


Share documents via text (SMS)

Limber up your thumbs, because now you can send PandaDoc documents, collect signatures, gather customer data, and manage your document workflow via text (SMS) messaging.

As modern conveniences go, this one may turn out to be up there with the TV remote and robot vacuum.

Email 2FA

Hooray for 2FA

Ever feel like only one security factor is no longer enough?

We’re with you on this — so we’ve introduced two-factor authentication (aka 2FA) to further fortify your account.

By adding an identity-confirmation step whenever you sign in to PandaDoc, 2FA helps you keep the bad actors of the world at bay.

Small but Mighty

Lower-profile, yet highly delightful feature updates

Reduce signing time with recipient groups

Our Enterprise customers can now round up a predefined group of recipients, then allow anyone in the group to sign on everyone’s behalf — an ideal solution if a key signer is unavailable.

Fittingly, we’ve dubbed this feature “Recipient groups,” mainly because “Paragon of productivity” is on the overly dramatic side.

Installment payments: Now ready for installation

The next time you or your customers want to split a document’s total amount into installment payments, we’ve got you covered.

You won’t find another document software platform offering this solution, and we’ve not only made it easy to set up, but also super-secure to use via all our usual trusted payment gateways.

Pro Corner

Wisdom-steeped tips on getting the most out of PandaDoc

New live workshops for templates and quotes

Looking to get a stronger handle on creating quotes and templates?

Look no further than our newly introduced pair of live workshops.

In Creating and Designing Templates, we’ll guide you through the process of building a template from the ground up, including customizing its content and design.

Building Quotes, meanwhile, will show you how to create spotless, engaging quotes your customers will find irresistible. Sign up today!

Email workshops

On the Horizon

In development and destined for glory

Salesforce and HubSpot sync enhancements

Smoother CRM connections are on the way!

We’re readying a raft of improvements that’ll help simplify how data gets updated within your Salesforce opportunities and HubSpot deals. Further details coming before long.

Making PandaDoc Forms even better

By providing fillable forms that allow you to capture customer data across virtually any device, then automatically add this data to your documents, we’re about to take this popular feature up a few levels.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.