Since this is our final edition of 2023, it’s only natural that we’re excited to share our year-end review detailing all the ways PandaDoc continues to help clear the clogs in your document-workflow pipes.

We’re also eager to trumpet a handful of new and upcoming features, including PandaDoc for Salesforce CPQ, Rooms, recipient groups, and a couple handy API updates.

Happy old year!

In the Spotlight

Rounding up our biggest recent releases PandaDoc 2023 in review

2023 summary

A year of major PandaDoc updates

From unveiling our platform’s new look and feel to loads of pivotal feature releases, 2023’s been an undeniably exhilarating year to be aboard the PandaDoc Express.

Get the full story in our comprehensive blog post, and watch our latest What’s New in PandaDoc webinar — it’s full of crucial late-year releases and enthusiastic customer testimonials.


PandaDoc Salesforce CPQ PandaDoc + Salesforce CPQ = Oh yes

Among the multitudes using Salesforce CPQ? PandaDoc for Salesforce CPQ is here to help simplify how you and your team create, customize, manage, and eSign all your customer quotes.

Watch your bottom line soar — and your level of effort plummet.

Small but Mighty

Lower-profile, yet highly delightful feature updates

That title could use a variable

It’s OK to admit it: You’ve always wanted to add a variable to your template and document titles. Right? So by popular demand, we’ve introduced this new feature to help you automate and customize naming, simplify how you create documents, and improve filtering and search.

API updates: Turn up the radio buttons Enjoy using our API?

Wait, it gets better. You can now allow your recipients to use radio buttons to select options, as well as create document bundles for PDFs and templates in a snap.

Because of course you realize that API stands for Absolutely Painless Interface, yes? At least ours does.

Pro Corner

Wisdom-steeped tips on getting the most out of PandaDoc

Become a certified PandaDoc administrator!

Our administrator certification course provides you with all the knowledge and tools to become a true PandaDoc pro.

Learn how to efficiently manage workspaces, user accounts, and document recipients — plus configure approval workflows, curate a product catalog, add content to a library, and dive deeply into analytics.

Kickstart your journey as an admin and account owner with this expertly detailed on-demand course!

Administrator Certification

On the Horizon

In development and destined for glory

🏘 Rooms: The door is nearly ready

Looking for a space where you can consolidate all your documents, presentations, videos, and other resources?

We’re putting the finishing touches on just the place — all so you can simplify everything for your customers, from initial interest to final purchase.

✍️ Recipient groups: About to make signing easier

The next time you feel like it’d be more efficient to send a document to a predefined group of recipients, then allow any member of the group to sign on everyone’s behalf, reach for this much-requested, time-saving feature.

As with all your other favorite PandaDoc tools, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.