We’re into the second half of a big year for new features, and the hits just keep coming.

Topping our chart is the imminent arrival of PandaDoc’s new look and feel, while time-saving automations and handy new eSignature improvements are getting their share of heavy airplay, too.

Also in regular rotation: Answers to your most frequently asked questions from our sage customer support team. Scroll and read on for details and delight.

In the Spotlight

Rounding up our biggest recent releases

Navigation before it was updated

Just ahead: PandaDoc’s new look and feel

An improved main navigation and revamped menu structure for simpler maneuvering.

New keyboard shortcuts and quick-access options for faster access to what you’re looking for.

And a clean interface that’s been freshly redesigned to help you work smarter instead of harder.

We’re eager for our grand reveal — and for you to experience all the convenience and ease our new look and feel promises.

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eSignature additions aplenty

Our previous edition promised that eSignature enhancements were on the way.

And since we’re all about keeping our word, we’re happy to report that linked fields and custom validation for text fields are now available for all to enjoy.

Now you can link fields within a document, as well as validate any type of data required from your recipients.

Small but Mighty

Lower-profile, yet highly delightful feature updates

Submitted for your approval

We’re introducing big improvements to your approval workflow.

Firstly, we’ve made it possible to change an approver while a document is in draft status.

And secondly, in an important noise-reduction development, any document sender can select one specific person among an approval group to notify about their approval responsibility — no need to blanket the whole crowd with notifications.

eSign documents directly within Chrome

Our new eSignatures for Chrome extension is here, and it’s a real wonder.

After you drag and drop your PDF or Word file into it, the extension automatically opens PandaDoc with your documents ready to be eSigned.

Simply add one or more signature fields and you’re good to go. It’s possibly the most brilliant thing since the bread-slicer. Possibly.

Quarterly billing comes to Advanced Quotes

Weekly. Monthly. Annually. Why not quarterly?

Thanks to requests from our customers, Advanced Quotes now has a new billing period option — it starts with “q”, occurs four times a year, and you know the rest.

Pro Corner

Wisdom-steeped tips on getting the most out of PandaDoc

3 questions (and cheers) for PandaDoc’s support team

No crew knows the nooks and crannies of PandaDoc better than our ace customer support team. They’re always — quite literally, always — available for you with answers and solutions.

Now they’ve gone the extra distance by publishing a much-anticipated article in which they answer their 10 most frequently asked questions. They’ll share how you can…

  • Use our newly released automations to send a follow-up document once a document has been completed
  • Send multiple documents to a single recipient all at once
  • Bulk-assign roles and recipients to fields within a document

So put on your finest learning hat, sharpen your digital pencil, and settle in to absorb these and other savvy pointers from our PandaDoc masters.

Navigation before it was updated

On the Horizon

In development and destined for glory

📱 Send documents via SMS/text

Ever wished you could send PandaDoc documents via the convenience of SMS/text?

We’re working to ensure that this moment becomes reality before long.

Because it’s time someone went out on a limb to boldly assert that smartphones are here to stay.

💵 Get paid through documents more easily

From new checkout pages, additional local payment methods, updated settings, and more, our payments flow is getting the thorough improvement treatment — all with the goal of making payment collection easier.

🗄️ Bringing further signing order

Hungry for signatures? Our wait staff is now taking orders for our signing order feature, and here’s what’s on the customization menu: Setting a non-sequential signing order (or mixing it with a sequential one), as well as adding a recipient multiple times within a signing order. Bring your appetite.

Extra, extra

And now, a couple bonus items

image (10)-1

Our What’s New in PandaDoc empire includes a live video component hosted by a few of our acclaimed product experts, and we’ve designed it to be a fun thing to watch.

In case you missed our most recent installment, don’t fret — we recorded it for you.

You’ll learn from Mike, Jenna, and Rocky about freshly released and upcoming features, plus new service packages and even a customer support update. Tune in and enjoy at your leisure.

Zoom integration sunset

It’s had its day in the sun, and now it’s just about time to retire our Zoom integration from active duty — its sunset cruise will depart for good by early August.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.