Welcome to our redesigned newsletter showcasing new and upcoming PandaDoc features!

We’re thrilled to unveil several eagerly awaited releases — including Home, our updated Add-on Store, and looking ahead, signature timestamp — that’ll make you love using PandaDoc even more.

In the Spotlight

Rounding up our biggest recent releases

Your brand-new home (within PandaDoc)

Real estate may be beyond our scope, but we’d still like to offer you a new Home.

So, we’re excited to lay the welcome mat in front of our freshly redesigned main page.

Home offers customizable tabs, smoother navigation, a quick glance at where all your documents stand, with a simple and clean interface that has great curb appeal.

Enjoy getting settled in.

Re assign recipients

Advanced Quotes = advanced sales

We’re continually making improvements to our popular Advanced Quotes feature.

You can now add any product to a pre-built quote and pull products from your CRM, all quickly and easily.

We’ve also added several new design options to make your quotes look even sharper.

Customers on our Business plan can test-drive this feature free for 7 days!

Advanced Quotes

Automations (early access): No manual required

We’re on a mission to minimize manual tasks in your life. (Although when it comes to helping with lawn mowing and window washing, our hands are kinda tied.)

So we’re making it easier for you to automate specific functions, such as updating your CRM or HR software when a document’s status changes within PandaDoc, or moving completed documents to external storage folders.

Give us a shout if you’re interested in early access!

Small but Mighty

Lower-profile, yet highly delightful feature updates

Visit our add-on store

We’re offering a heap of new add-ons in our aptly named Add-on Store. Pop in for a look at all the valuable extensions now offered.

Extend an expiration date

Use our Expiration Date add-on to prolong the active status of any document you send.

Locate documents quickly

PDFs and Word documents in .docx format are now searchable directly within your document list.

Pro Corner

Wisdom-steeped tips on getting the most out of PandaDoc

How to change or add a signer to a sent document

You’ve sent a document…then you discover you need to change or add a signer.

It’s OK — these things happen, and we’ve got a solution.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Actions, select Edit document, then select the document you’ve sent.
  2. Go to Manage recipients to add a new signer or delete an existing signer — or both.
  3. Re-assign pre-existing signature fields to any signers you’ve added.

And a bonus tip: Turn on document forwarding. It takes a half-second and you’ll be glad you did. Up for learning more? Join a live tutorial or on-demand course.

On the Horizon

In development and destined for glory

☘️ A fresh look for the new season

We’re revamping our app with an all-new look and feel. Expect simpler navigation, smarter shortcuts to speed up your workflow, and much more.

⏰ All hail the signature timestamp

Our top feature request is on the way: All signatures on PandaDoc documents will be accompanied by a timestamp at the point of signing.

🖌 Make multiple edits at once

Soon you’ll be performing multiple actions with fields and blocks within the editor. And you’ll create documents faster. And you’ll live happier.

💫 Become a badgeholder

Ever wanted to showcase your virtuosic PandaDoc skills with badges you can add to your LinkedIn profile? Coming very soon: Dream → reality.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.