We’re coming into a hot streak of launching much-requested features: Automatic signature date-stamping and multi-selectable fields (both available now), plus some handy eSignature enhancements and approval workflow updates (coming soon!).

We’re also eagerly readying a major overhaul to PandaDoc’s look and feel, so do all you can to contain yourselves in the meantime.

In the Spotlight

Rounding up our biggest recent releases

Automatically date-stamp every signature

Our most-requested feature addition has arrived!

A quick flick of a toggle switch now auto-fills every signature’s date based on the recipient’s time zone.

Gone are the days of your recipients having to manually add the signing date to a document; also gone are potential date-falsification concerns and pesky data entry. What’s not to like?

Multi-selectable fields: Now’s the time

Multitasking’s heyday may have passed, but multi-selecting will never go out of style.

We’re helping you do more in less time by letting you assign and delete multiple recipients, copy-paste multiple items within our editor, and even select/move multiple fields (multiple block moves are coming soon!).

It’s like a document-efficiency multivitamin.

PandaDoc’s new look and feel: The reveal is coming

We’ve been extra-busy gathering valuable feedback from users like yourself, and we’re excited to be on the verge of unveiling our most ambitious set of improvements yet.

Get ready for smoother navigation, heaps of intuitive shortcuts, and an all-new interface we think you’ll love.

Small but Mighty

Lower-profile, yet highly delightful feature updates

Collaborate on draft documents

Perhaps your colleagues have brilliant suggestions to add to a document you haven’t finalized?

Let them suggest edits to your document in draft status.

Maybe they’ll buy you lunch as a thank-you.

Now when you use the catalog picker to build a quote, you can sort products by name, price, and last modified.

And in the product catalog, you’ll find recently searched terms and saved categories in the search bar.

Better metadata tagging through

AI With AI in our corner helping automatically tag new metadata fields, we’re able to offer improved search and reporting filters.

Several types of metadata now auto-populate, including company, signer, signature date, and currency.

Pro Corner

Wisdom-steeped tips on getting the most out of PandaDoc

PandaDoc Learning Path for sales professionals

Become a PandaDoc pro through our comprehensive set of training courses!

A variety of on-demand options are available and cover topics such as catalog setup, advanced quotes, and reporting with analytics.

With each course dedicated to a specific function — leaders, development, and representatives — you can expect a tailored learning experience that’ll help you create deal-winning proposals efficiently and effectively. Sign up today!

On the Horizon

In development and destined for glory

🖌 eSignature enhancements galore

We’ll be unleashing another pair of heavily requested features upon the Pandaverse before long.

Custom validation for text fields will let you validate any type of data required from your recipients, while linked fields will allow you to — take your best guess — link fields within a document.

👍 Making approvals easier

We’re about to introduce a few updates to help simplify your approval workflow.

Before you know it, you’ll be selecting and securing approvals from a specific approver at the document (not template) level, and also selecting multiple approvers from a group.

🏠 Your room is nearly ready

No, we’re not getting into the lodging business.

Even better: Soon you’ll be using our upcoming Rooms feature to manage deals in a secure, customizable space where you can easily share documents with recipients.

Extra, extra

Additions to our add-on store.

As we prepare for the debut of our Marketplace accompanying PandaDoc’s new look and feel, we’re building virtual shelves to display all our integrations alongside our broad selection of add-ons. Minimal sawdust to maximize your workflow efficiency.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.