We’ve always got an assortment of fresh features cooking on our product stove, and today we’re hungry to share a pair of major entrées: Rooms and Payments.

And soon we’ll be presenting a new webinar to help send your proposal-automation process into overdrive.

Bon document-workflow appétit!

In the Spotlight

Give your business room to grow

We’re thrilled to be throwing open the doors to PandaDoc Rooms — your new home for proposals, contracts, presentations, and any other assets that keep your business humming.

Rooms are ideal collaboration hubs where you can organize and share resources, work with your customers, negotiate deals, and even enjoy a few snacks. (You provide the snacks. We’ll sweep up afterward.)

A simpler approach to payments

There’s getting paid, and then there’s getting paid with ease. Our new one-stop solution lands squarely on the efficient side of the ledger by connecting your agreements and contracts with your payments.

You’ll turn quotes into cash, you’ll minimize costly errors and awkward follow-ups, and you’ll send your bottom line rocketing toward the top.

Small but Mighty

May the Salesforce be with you

If there’s a Salesforce user who wouldn’t want to use a two-way, real-time sync to help update and manage their opportunities, it’s news to us. Also in today’s popular-CRM headlines, writ large: Our Salesforce sync has arrived!

It’s embed-time for your documents

In a perfect world, you’d be able to upload a PDF or Docx file to PandaDoc, add all the fields you want, then send it as a PandaDoc document from your own platform. Well, your document world just got a bit more perfect: Embeddable documents are here.

On the Horizon

💌 New webinar! Mastering Deals: Before, During, and After

Idle hands have never been part of the PandaDoc picture — we’re constantly building a better product for you. So join us for our next What’s New in PandaDoc webinar as we introduce you to upcoming improvements designed to help automate your proposal process even more!

Mastering Deals: Before, During, and After

June 5, 12pm Eastern

Our product experts are excited to show how you can uplevel your PandaDoc proficiency and close more deals in less time. We’ll lead you through the full proposal process, from creating an initial quote to securing payment — all from your CRM.

May Newsletter Webinar

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.