In the world of sales and document management, every detail matters.

When dealing with multiple platforms like Salesforce and PandaDoc, manual data transfer can become tedious and error-prone.

We’re thrilled to roll out a significant enhancement to the PandaDoc integration with Salesforce – a robust two-way data synchronization between PandaDoc and Salesforce.

These improvements eliminate the need for time-consuming manual data syncing, providing a more reliable and efficient process.

Choose the platform that best suits your workflow, confident in the knowledge that your data will be automatically updated and consistent across both platforms, streamlining your document management workflow and enhancing overall efficiency.

Export PandaDoc field values to Salesforce

Expanding our integration capabilities, we’ve introduced a feature that automates the export of data from PandaDoc fillable fields directly into Salesforce fields upon document completion.

This addition aims to further reduce manual data entry, enhance data integrity, and streamline the overall document management process within Salesforce.

Sync product updates between Quote Builder / Pricing Table and Salesforce

After recognizing the demand for a seamless flow of data between PandaDoc and Salesforce, we’ve implemented a robust two-way synchronization feature.

We have expanded our update capabilities to enable a comprehensive two-way sync between Quote Builder and Pricing Tables in PandaDoc and Opportunity Products in Salesforce.

The goal is to eliminate manual data reconciliation, enhance accuracy, and save time by ensuring that any changes in product information are mirrored across both platforms.

Update an existing document with the latest Salesforce Opportunity data

In addition to synchronizing the values between PandaDoc’s Pricing Tables and Quote Builder and Salesforce’s Opportunity Products, we have also included synchronization of added and removed line items and added support for optional products in Quote Builder in PandaDoc.

Now, when a document is completed in PandaDoc, all line items in both systems will be brought into sync.

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