Today we’re happy to announce that PandaDoc is the sixth most popular app on Zapier’s “Top New Apps of 2018”. The list details the most popular apps available in the Zapier ecosystem this year.

We couldn’t be more ecstatic that PandaDoc has made the cut as the Zapier integration was one of our most requested features of 2018. Publicly launched this past summer, the integration allows users to connect their document workflow to almost any business app including cloud storage, invoicing and accounting software, and more.

The development of this integration couldn’t have come at a better time for our customers. Many have 3+ tools in their sales tech stack and needed a better way for each tool to work seamlessly together. The Zapier integration with PandaDoc has allowed customers to reduce inefficiencies in their daily processes.

Zapier provides a simple, yet powerful solution that connects the missing dots between all of your tools. When you combine the power of proposal generation, legally-binding eSignatures, and tracking features with a tool from the Zapier ecosystem, you’re well on your way to automation euphoria.

The most popular tasks to automate with Zapier and PandaDoc are:

  • Sending signed documents to your cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive, Box)
  • Email a PDF copy of signed documents to specific contacts
  • Posting win messages in Slack when a contract is signed
  • Create new invoices when an agreement is accepted by all parties (e.g., QuickBooks, FreshBooks)
  • Update a CRM record when a proposal is signed (e.g., HubSpot, Pipedrive)
  • Generate personalized quotes and other sales docs from submitted forms or Google Sheets
  • And so much more!

Why not give a try? All you need to get started are PandaDoc and Zapier accounts. Login to your PandaDoc account or start a free 14-day trial.