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Link PandaDoc to Box to access and use company assets.

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Top Features

Are all of your company documents and assets stored on Box? With PandaDoc, you can access Box with a simple sync and send documents you’ve already made in minutes. Add an eSignature field to an uploaded document from Box, and allow your clients to sign and complete the document from any device.

Are you sending out the business documents to multiple clients? Take a document from Box and turn into a reusable eSignature Template. Multiple PandaDoc users can now send the same document to many recipients by assigning the eSignature and fields for each document sent. Save time and streamline your process by making templates from Box documents.

Use Box to access supporting documents that you need to send along key business document. PandaDoc allows you to pull documents from Box as attachments. All the relevant collateral including case studies, products specs, or even warranties can be pulled from Box and attached to documents you are sending with PandaDoc.


Who Uses PandaDoc for Box

Remote Teams

Teams can access documents in Box from PandaDoc wherever they are working that day.

Team Leaders

Turn your Box documents into templates for your team to use to ensure brand compliance, track usage, and access PandaDoc analytics for sent documents.


PandaDoc not only lets you use documents in Box from anywhere, it lets you track documents after they are sent. Now you and your team will know if clients are reading ,downloading, or forwarding documents. Using PandaDoc analytics gives you insights that sending word documents from Box just didn’t offer. PandaDoc enables unlimited eSignatures for every user. PandaDoc with Box streamlines the signing process of crucial business documents.

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