With our powers combined… PandaDoc’s Google add-ons offer seamless eSigning of Google Docs and Gmail attachments

Imagine a world where you never had to download a Gmail attachment or a Google Doc and upload it into PandaDoc in order to eSign it. Imagine how much time and how many clicks you could save! Good news: our Google add-ons will turn your dreams of efficiency into reality.

Using the PandaDoc add-on for Gmail, you can open an attachment and eSign it – right from your inbox. You can even add fields for other people to sign!

The same shortcut is available for your Google Doc workflow: just click the PandaDoc add-on, add fields, and sign or send for others to sign. If you have your eSignature saved in PandaDoc, you can eSign docs with the click of a button.

No more switching apps, no more downloading, uploading, signing, downloading, uploading, and sending. (Just typing out that process felt tedious!)

Gmail and Google Docs integrations are available for all plans, including Free eSign. Find Gmail and Google Docs add-ons on the G Suite marketplace. Click to learn more about our Gmail and Google Docs add-ons.