With 2024 now in full swing, we’re bringing something for everyone this time around. We’ve got two-way syncs that are sure to deliver real-time delight to all the HubSpot, and Pipedrive enthusiasts.

We’ve got our wildly helpful Smart Forms feature that will send any data-collector’s spirits soaring. And we’ve got a few new invaluable instructional videos for anyone who grew up watching TV and is up for getting the most out of PandaDoc.

In the Spotlight

Boost your HubSpot efficiency

Raise your hand if you like saving time. Now raise your hand again if you use PandaDoc with HubSpot.

Good news!: Our two-way, real-time HubSpot sync is here to help you update and manage opportunities using quote builder, field, and pricing table data. The arm exercises are simply a bonus.


Create documents from forms — quickly and easily

You’ve just collected boatloads of data from customers — nicely done.

Next, why not fire up our Smart Forms add-on to auto-populate all that freshly gathered data throughout a document your customers can sign on demand?

Small but Mighty

PandaDoc + Greenhouse = Offer letter cultivation

Is it heating up a little in here? Actually, it is. Step inside our new Greenhouse integration to create, send, sign, and store all your offer letters in a single, temperature-controlled place.

PandaDoc + Pipedrive = Fewer opportunity clogs

As if our HubSpot two-way sync isn’t enough, our new Pipedrive sync has arrived to help you update and manage opportunities within this popular CRM with style and ease.

Pro Corner

Visual learners: We heart you

Don’t touch that remote, because we’ve added three new interactive videos to our ever-growing archive of learning tools.

Get walkthroughs of popular PandaDoc features such as variables, templates, and documents from HubSpot, and — here’s the interactive part — test your knowledge along the way.

On the Horizon

🤑 Payments, done smoothly

Interested in a dedicated home for all payment requests associated with your PandaDoc documents?

Somewhere you can connect your agreements, quotes, and contracts with payments, and even get paid in installments? You’re in luck — we’re on it.

📦 A new space for your contracts

We’re also putting the final touches on a central storehouse where you’ll manage all your contracts and their data, with powerful search and reporting features included. But it won’t have that musty storehouse smell at all.

That’s a Wrap

All this is just a taste of what we’ve been working on to help you smooth out any kinks in your document workflow.

As always, we’d love for you to help shape PandaDoc by sharing your lightning-bolt product ideas with us on UserVoice.