Sending documents by fax may seem old-fashioned, but it is still a trusted and secure way to send vital information.

Most documents sent by fax are PDFs printed out on paper before getting fed into the machine.

Although this process works in some cases, it can become mundane and ineffective for large volumes of text.

But what if there was a way to fax a PDF and eliminate the need to print before faxing? (There is!)

If you are struggling with this issue, this article will guide you through different methods of sending PDFs via fax.

Let’s dive right in to explore how to send a PDF to a fax number for free.

How to fax a PDF online

Here are some methods you can use to send PDF as fax.

1. Do it the old way using fax machines

Faxing the “old” way allows you to send PDF fax from a physical fax device. The process is tedious, but here is how it works.

  • Print out the PDF.
  • Slot the paper into the machine.
  • Use the machine’s keypad to enter the intended recipient’s number (add the country code for international transmissions).
  • Press the “Send” (such as “Send,” “Start,” or “Fax”).
  • Wait for the recipient to confirm receipt.

Now, machines present several issues for both the sender and recipient.

First, sending multi-page PDFs will be a nightmare — just imagine sending every page individually.

Second, most people don’t know how to handle a fax machine, which means you have to hand over the paper to someone else.

This could be a security risk — and the paper could get lost as well.

And finally, companies looking to go “green” can’t send PDFs to fax machines because of the high demand for paper.

Therefore, they need to explore digital solutions to go paperless and save money.

2. Go modern with an online service

Instead of waiting for a fax machine, you can send PDF to fax using an online service.

These digital solutions allow you to transmit your documents using a laptop or smartphone.

Follow these steps to send your PDF using an online service:

  • Pick a trustworthy company.
  • Create an account (You can sign in with Google, Facebook, or your email).
  • Click “Upload File” on the web interface.
  • Enter the recipient’s number (don’t forget the country code).
  • You can also send a copy of the PDF to any email you want.
  • Click the “Send Online Fax” to complete the process.

That’s all! Your mail is already in the recipient’s inbox, and no trees had to suffer in the process.

You can also send PDFs using mobile apps. Some are available on the App Store, while you can download others on demand from a company’s website.

Learning how to send a PDF to a fax number on your phone will save you a lot of time.

Why send PDFs via fax?

Despite the current technological advancement, faxing still is relevant because it offers several advantages.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Keep the contents secure

Compared to the conventional electronic communication system such as emails, faxing offers tighter security because it is practically unhackable.

This is one of the reasons why government agencies such as the IRS ask companies to file their tax returns via fax.

Any reputable PDF fax service uses specialized telephone connections and encryption algorithms to transfer confidential data safely.

In places where data sensitivity is paramount, such as hospitals and rehab centers, you will always find a fax machine in the admin office.

2. Make sure the document is legally binding

As mentioned earlier, government agencies accept documents sent via fax.

If you send a fax from PDF, it is enforceable by law in most states.

Deals, contracts, and other legal documents that call for a certified and valid transmission method can benefit from this recognition.

One prominent example is that clubs in the English Premier League send PDF to fax machines back and forth to conduct transfer negotiations.

3. Send and receive documents efficiently

When you send PDF to fax, you reduce the time needed to get it across to the recipient.

This is especially important for time-sensitive transfers.

Instead of sending packages via UPS or FedEx, you can fax PDF from your laptop or mobile to make sure it gets to the intended target.

With a digital service, you no longer need to struggle to learn how to fax a PDF using a physical device.

4. Save cost by using free services

Faxing services are available for free, both online and offline. You can find a library or AAA where you can send your PDFs for free.

Similarly, you can use free online faxing solutions to send limited PDF pages for free.

Compared to the price of using DHL to send folders, the cost of faxing a PDF is pocket change.

Depending on the service, you can send 600+ pages for the price of a cup of coffee.

Fax your PDFs securely

Faxing is here to stay, and it will remain a secure means of transmitting PDF documents and other sensitive files.

You can send your PDF files using a machine or an online service by following the instructions in this article.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, you can fax a PDF. You only need a machine or a digital provider, usually via a website or mobile app. You can also learn how to fax PDF from a computer when you don’t have a machine. This will save you time, money, and resources.

  • Yes, you can fax a PDF for free. If you don’t have access to a digital solution, you can find fax services near you by heading to your local library or post office. Most of the time, these places offer free services or charge minimal amounts. If you know how to fax a PDF free, you can save a lot of money.

  • Yes, it is safe to fax a PDF from your computer. The process is simple: you can use a web-based application to send multiple pages. You will also receive an email notification once the transmission goes through.

  • Can I fax a PDF from my phone?Yes, you can fax a PDF from your phone. Download the digital solution and upload your document to send the file. You can also forward the PDF to a dedicated service with the recipient’s number, and it will automatically be forwarded to the intended recipient.


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