Over the last couple of months, our Development Team has continued to work their magic inside PandaDoc. In addition to some super important (albeit less thrilling) backend improvements, we also worked on a lot of new features as well.

Check them out below!

New access level: an admin role for teams

There’s a new team role inside PandaDoc called “Admin.” Multi-user PandaDoc teams, this is for you: team roles are important when you have more than 1 user on your account!

The team roles are used to assign various permission levels for each user. Regular Team members have the lowest permission levels while the Account Owner has the highest. With the new Admin role, the Account Owner can allow another person to help them manage workspaces, invitations, etc.

Keep content safe: restrict editing on text blocks

One the best things about using a PandaDoc template is the ability to be consistent with content in your documents. To ensure greater consistency and fewer headaches, you can now lock blocks in “Templates” and the “Content Library.”

This means you can prevent accidental changes on critical, oft-reused content when it gets included in your documents. For example: Terms and Conditions, Payment Terms, etc.!


“Upload attachment” field

This is perfect for when you need your recipients to upload attachments to your documents. For example, if you need proof of identification from your recipient, you can add an “Upload Attachment” field to have them attach a copy of their driver’s license or birth certificate as they fill out the document.

These fields can be added to any type of document, regardless of whether they were created using PandaDoc’s builder or from an uploaded template.

Check out an example of the field below, using an NDA template:


Improved, downloadable attachment blocks

A couple months ago, we released the Attachment Block feature. This block allows you to add Word docs, PDFs, and PowerPoints into your templates and documents built using PandaDoc. We recently added some improvements so that the attachments can now be downloaded along with the PDF version of your signed documents.

Add multiple items to a pricing table: product picker

You no longer have to type in individual SKUs or portions of the item names to add catalog items into the pricing table. We now have a product picker that allows you to add multiple items at once into the pricing table. This is great if you have a lot of frequently used products that you want to include in your suite of options for your clients.


It’s still in beta testing, so if you’d like to check it out yourself just message us inside PandaDoc to let us know!

PandaDoc integration with Hubspot CRM

Did you know PandaDoc now integrates with Hubspot?

If you’re a HubSpot CRM user, you can now connect your PandaDoc account from your HubSpot dashboard and automatically move over data from HubSpot into your PandaDoc documents!

Non-gravatar profile picture

We just added an option to upload a PandaDoc profile picture! Previously, you had to have a Gravatar set up, but now you can add a photo of your choice just for PandaDoc. We highly recommend this if you don’t have a Gravatar so that your recipients can see a small picture of you when you send them documents!

Any other feature requests, suggestions, or questions? Any feedback on this recent batch of new features? Please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!