Choosing an online fax provider from the myriad available solutions is challenging because whichever tool you select will affect how you communicate with employees and clients.

A free online fax provider may offer fewer features than paid plans but still be perfect for your needs.

To know what to look for when choosing online fax providers, let’s go through some attributes that make up a top digital faxing software.

11 factors to consider when choosing an online fax provider

If your company plans on selecting online fax service providers to boost workflows, here are essential factors to keep in mind.

1. Business needs

The volume of faxes you send and receive will help steer you toward the right solution to choose.

Small businesses may need to send a few pages each month, while large enterprises likely require a lot more.

You can consider a free online fax provider for personal use or opt for paid plans if you need more pages.

2. User-friendly interface

Some employees are skeptical about switching to software solutions because they are not conversant with modern technology.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, select a service that offers a user-friendly interface that’s simple to navigate.

Users should be able to locate all the faxing features on the tool dashboard.

3. Unlimited cloud storage

Online faxing disrupted the need to always print out faxes.

Instead, you can now store your documents digitally in cloud storage where you and your team members can easily access them.

Storing your fax in the cloud also gives you more control over the security of information.

This is one of several reasons why signing up for a plan that guarantees unlimited storage might make the most sense.

4. Pricing

How much does a secure fax online cost?

The right provider’s pricing plan depends on the number of accounts you need and the number of pages you will send monthly.

Cheaper packages will restrict the number of added email addresses, which may be problematic if you need to include several team members.

Find a service that allows you to get a custom quote, requesting monthly page volume amounts according to your needs.

This pricing model allows you to scale operations easily.

5. International fax numbers

Online fax service providers have made it easy for businesses with a global workforce to send and receive documents from around the world.

But you must opt for a plan that includes international fax numbers.

By going global, you can receive documents from foreign partners or collaborate via faxed information with people who live in another country.

Owning an international fax number also allows you to establish relevance in the places your business is situated.

6. Large file sharing

With online faxing services, you don’t need to compress high-resolution images, spreadsheets, or multimedia projects before you can send them.

The right tool lets you spend more time organizing faxes than contemplating how to compress large files.

Some online solutions even take things further, offering to send large files to multiple recipients simultaneously.

And if you have access to cloud storage, the fax you receive could go straight to this repository.

7. Mobile option

Not all internet fax services offer mobile apps, but you should keep an eye out for those that do because they simplify faxing and make it efficient.

Another option is to look for web apps that are intuitive on smartphones, so you can send files on the go without waiting to get to an available computer.

8. Easy setup

Your preferred service provider should be intuitive and easy to grasp for first-time users.

This will save you time and help your team members adopt new file-sharing tools in the company’s arsenal.

9. Supported countries

Another essential factor involves checking which countries are offered within the package.

Business enterprises might select a faxing service that covers many countries to communicate with partners and clients abroad.

Small businesses with coverage in these areas can leverage this service to interact with customers who live there.

10. Customer support

The solution you choose should offer 24/7 support to answer queries and provide immediate help.

They should have customer service reps that can provide updated solutions to your requests.

Check if the live chat, email, or phone feature is responsive before you purchase any pricing plan. A good faxing service should also offer assistance when troubleshooting the software is required.

This will help you stay operational should something malfunction.

11. Free demos

Most online faxing providers offer free trial periods or demos to allow users to test the tool and confirm if it provides all the necessary features.

You can also use this opportunity to test-run two different faxing solutions before spending money on one of them.


Before you finalize your choice, highlight the must-have features for your preferred online fax service.

Also, consider the unique needs or preferences that can negatively affect your satisfaction with the product.

Remember that there are many online faxing services on the market — so you don’t have to settle.

The right solution should take care of all your faxing needs now and in the days ahead.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, there are many online fax services. A faxing service allows you to send forms, proposals, and other forms of documents within seconds.

  • The cost of secure online faxing depends on the product offerings in their respective pricing plans. Higher prices often come from premium tools with advanced features, while some faxing solutions allow users to send their faxes for free.

  • You must select an online fax service based on how well their solution meets your business needs. First, check out the features to see how they handle security. You should also consider free trial periods or demos to ensure you are picking the right tool.

  • Online fax services let you send and receive documents over the internet using a mobile phone or computer. These services exist as a web-based portal, mobile app, or software application. You can upload files from any device, access cloud storage, and integrate the service with your email.


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