Sales teams have a lot on their plates and, in the past, they often ended up spending more time on administrative tasks than building relationships with prospects and customers.

But today, they’re starting to think differently about how they use their time.

For almost a third of sales reps, their top goal for this year is making the sales process more efficient, and for 23%, using data more effectively is the priority.

Some of the biggest challenges on sales teams, from the same HubSpot survey, are standing out from the competition and longer deal cycles.

The sales teams that are seeing better results are adopting new workflows that take the work off of sales reps that can be automated, giving them time back to take a more consultative approach to winning deals.

The PandaDoc app for HubSpot is one of the ways that sales reps, sales leaders, and Rev Ops teams can improve efficiency, reduce manual data entry and errors, personalize quotes, stand out with custom brand elements, and uncover actionable sales insights.

Why connect PandaDoc with HubSpot?

When your proposal tools are right in the contact timeline in your CRM, you can build custom quotes that bring in data and activities from your contact’s lifecycle with your brand.

Maybe they found you through your website, or a social media post, or a webinar.

And they downloaded an industry trends report.

You can use that information to guide sales conversations and tailor-make proposals that resonate with the recipient in a meaningful way.

With the PandaDoc app for HubSpot, users can:

  • Manage the entire quote creation process — from building, to editing, to sending — in one place, and more automatically.
  • Stand out from competitors with branded quote templates for every audience built in HubSpot.
  • Get more deals signed and paid with direct payment integrations.
  • Gather sales and revenue insights that help you operate smarter.

Here are some of the ways that sales teams are improving their workflows, speeding up time to close, and winning more deals using PandaDoc with HubSpot.

Enhance sales performance and client relations with the PandaDoc app for Hubspot

Consumers prefer self-service tools, especially during the sales process.

With PandaDoc and HubSpot, prospects are empowered to take action and move things forward on their schedule and without blockers.

Here’s how sales teams are speeding up the sales cycle and closing more deals using smarter, connected systems.

1. Automatically sync data from fillable fields between PandaDoc and HubSpot

Collect key data from contract or proposal fields like e-signature blocks, text fields, dropdowns, or radio buttons and map it to corresponding fields in HubSpot — automatically, with two-way sync.

With an automated system, you can ensure accurate field-level data, contacts, company data, and line items are always up-to-date and visible in the HubSpot CRM.

With this setup and less reliance on manual work or jumping between systems, sales teams can work faster and shorten the sales cycle, while improving data accuracy and the overall customer experience.

Streamline your workflow with automatic updates to HubSpot properties based on PandaDoc fillable fields. Work primarily on your preferred platform, knowing the other stays up-to-date.

2. Quickly create personalized, dynamic quotes in HubSpot

Create quotes and proposals that are unique to every sales contact and easy to update when needed, without a huge hassle.

Sales teams using PandaDoc with HubSpot can build deal rooms, unique virtual spaces, to guide each deal, storing documents and supporting content in a single location, simplifying negotiations.

PandaDoc templates are customizable, and sales teams can quickly update every proposal to match the look and feel of their brand.

Proposals are a massive part of the sales process, and they can make or break the buyer experience.

When they’re easy to work with, navigate, and understand, they’re more likely to appeal to a buyer and show how you’re solving their challenges.

Another major benefit, especially for sales leaders, is the ability for sales reps to see interaction analytics when prospects engage with their documents.

Build professional-looking proposals, quotes, and contracts within HubSpot. Quickly draft, approve, and sign documents using our collaborative features, approval workflows, and legally-binding e-signatures, all without leaving HubSpot.

3. Collect electronic signatures, notarize documents, and receive payments, all in one tool

Along with the peace of mind of advanced security from reputable providers, eSignatures are a huge accelerant in the sales process.

Tools like PandaDoc and HubSpot have two-factor authentication and audit trails, ensuring that every document sent electronically is legally binding and protected.

And with PandaDoc Payments, the flow is even more seamless and easier for the buyer, improving the customer experience.

They can pay directly from a proposal, or pay an up front deposit using our payments tool, or via one of our integration partners, including Stripe and Square.

If needed, PandaDoc also supports fast virtual notarization through the PandaDoc Notary API.

Connect to a commissioned notary ready to complete nationwide online notarization in minutes. Request an online notarization without leaving HubSpot through PandaDoc Notary API.

With connected sales and CRM systems, sales and revenue ops teams can track every step of the sales cycle, from quote to cash, from a single intuitive dashboard.

Track document progress at deal, contact, or company level within HubSpot records. Receive real-time updates via email, PandaDoc mobile app, or HubSpot activity timeline.

This tech recruiting firm uses PandaDoc with HubSpot to go from conversion to personalized proposal in under 15 minutes

For D. Sullivan, a PandaDoc and HubSpot user for more than five years, the integration has solved all of their eSignature, customization, and search agreement challenges and become an “indispensable” tool for their tech recruiting team.

“We got started with PandaDoc, primarily for contract, NDA, and other signatures. Now it is a critical part of our sales process. We can go from LP conversion to a signed customized proposal in under 15 minutes. While I am on a qualifying call, I stitch together a proposal doc that includes cover sheet, cover letter, PLUS specialized case studies that fit their specific needs, along with an executable contract. It’s a great way to demonstrate speed and accuracy to a prospect, the eSignature functionality makes it fast and easy for customers to sign.”

D. Sullivan.

Join 10,000+ companies using PandaDoc with HubSpot to streamline the sales process and build better relationships

PandaDoc makes it simple to create, track, and eSign sales proposals and contracts right in HubSpot.

Try the PandaDoc app for HubSpot and extend the ROI from your sales team, no code required.


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