When you don’t have an actual fax machine, there are places you can go to send files.

Some places to check out include hospitals, AAA clubs, libraries, and UPS stores.

Yes, that UPS (United Parcel Services). Their nationwide stores offer fax services alongside shipping and logistics.

You can walk into UPS stores and use their machine to send and receive files.

But at what cost? If you want to find out the cost of UPS fax services, this article has the answers you’ve been looking for.

How does faxing at UPS work?

Apart from shipping and logistics services, UPS offices offer faxing services to people for a fee — which is more affordable than buying (and maintaining) an actual machine.

If you’re undeterred by the UPS fax cost, you can use the service to quickly send and receive documents.

Many businesses use UPS fax services to transfer and receive official signatures and confidential documents.

In addition, the safety of your documents falls under the auspices of the UPS security umbrella when you send your document from one of their stores.

This means that they have extra motivation to make sure your transmission arrives safely to the recipient without any issues.

So instead of sending the folder of documents across the country and waiting for days for it to arrive, you can fax it from a UPS store instead.

The document arrives faster, and you pay way less.

How to send a fax at UPS

If you don’t know how to use the machine, you can ask a UPS staff member to assist you.

It’s pretty easy to navigate. Here’s what to do when you enter the UPS store:

  1. Give your official documents to the staff.
  2. Present the recipient’s number and a cover sheet if available.
  3. If you’re sending the documents out-of-state, specify the area code.
  4. The UPS staff will scan your documents.
  5. If your document is successfully sent, you’ll be notified.

What is the cost of faxing at UPS?

The cost of faxing at a UPS store depends on the number of pages and the recipient’s location. However, you can send a page for as low as $1.

The UPS fax service usually offers the following pricing range:

  • Local: You can send your documents locally for around $1 per page. You’ll need to pay an extra dollar for additional pages.
  • Regional/National: you’ll add an extra dollar to send documents to other states within the country. The first page costs $2, and an additional page costs $1.
  • International: Sending faxes abroad will cost you $3 for the first page and another $3 for every extra page.

Compared to other parcel delivery services, UPS is pound-for-pound the best when you factor in delivery speed and cost.

What if I can’t fax documents at UPS?

You need to drive down to the nearest UPS store that houses a fax machine, which could be some distance away.

Other alternatives for faxing near you could be in libraries, AAA clubs, Home Depots, supermarkets, hotels, malls, and the post office.

But what if you don’t have any of these places near you and need to send something urgently?

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Send your fax at UPS

UPS offers faxing services in addition to logistics and shipping.

You can stop at the nearest UPS office to send your documents, but there are charges attached depending on your recipient’s location and the number of pages.

If going to a UPS store is not for you, PandaDoc is an excellent tool that offers accessibility, comfort, and high-level security to send documents electronically.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, UPS offices have fax machines that customers can use to send as well as receive transmissions locally and internationally. If you don’t know how to operate a machine, the UPS staff will help you send or receive your documents.

  • The UPS fax cost per page depends on the store location but is usually within the $1-$5 range. It also depends on whether you’re sending a local, national or international fax. The price for international faxes is typically higher than local transmissions.

  • Faxing with UPS is safe because the company banks on making sure you get the best experience. However, many people use the machine at a UPS store, so you cannot ultimately guarantee the safety of your sensitive data. That’s why it’s safer to use digital services.

  • You can send a fax for free or for a fee, depending on the medium or service you are using. If you are not using a machine in the library (for example, at a store instead), the store owner will charge you higher fees. The UPS fax price for local transmissions is around $1 per page, while international faxes cost $3 per page.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot fax documents online at UPS. You have to go to a physical store to send your documents.


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