Millions of taxpayers file their tax returns and other important documents with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year.

While many people file their taxes electronically, some still prefer using fax machines to submit their forms.

Knowing the correct IRS fax numbers for submitting your documents is essential because sending your forms to the wrong entity could lead to significant delays in processing your returns.

Worst case scenario, it results in the loss of crucial, confidential information.

This article will explore important fax numbers for the IRS to know when faxing your tax documents to the IRS.

What is an IRS fax number?

An IRS fax number is a specific phone number that you can use to send certain documents through a fax machine.

The IRS offers different fax numbers for various purposes.

There are separate numbers for sending tax returns, filing tax extensions, or providing supporting documents for an ongoing audit.

Using an IRS fax number guarantees several benefits for you and your business.

For example, it can be faster than sending documents through regular mail, which can take several days or weeks to arrive and be processed.

Additionally, using a fax machine allows you to confirm that the IRS received the documents successfully.

However, it is important to note that using an IRS fax number is not always the best option.

You may be unable to send some documents due to security concerns or the need for an original signature. In these cases, you should explore alternative methods to submit your documents.

To find all IRS fax numbers for specific purposes, visit the IRS website or contact them directly for assistance.

Why would you need to locate an IRS fax number?

Here are the main reasons to get ahold of specific IRS fax numbers:

  • You need to know the IRS fax number in order to submit documents to the government. For example, you might need to send in a tax return or other forms or documents related to your taxes.
  • You can use the IRS fax number to request transcripts of your tax-related documents or to provide financial information to a lender or other organization.
  • If you disagree with a review or audit the IRS has conducted on you, you can use the IRS tax fax numbers to send in your intention to dispute their findings. You’ll include supporting documents or evidence that shows why you think their assessment is incorrect.

A list of IRS fax numbers

We have compiled a list of IRS fax numbers for the most common tax forms and departments in order to help you simplify your tax filing process.

IRS Form 8918

This form helps taxpayers divulge their involvement in “reportable transactions.”

These transactions are ones that the IRS has flagged as potentially being used to sidestep paying taxes.

Any taxpayer who participated in a reportable transaction and received a notice from the IRS requesting disclosure can file it using this number: 1-844-253-5607.

IRS Form 8806

Revamping your business through a merger or acquisition can bring exciting changes, but only if you have the essential paperwork filed correctly.

To ensure compliance with the IRS, you’re required to submit Form 8806 when a transfer of ownership occurs.

You must submit the form within 45 days of acquiring control or experiencing a significant change in capital structure.

The IRS stipulates that the sole acceptable means of submitting this form is through fax sent directly to the designated IRS fax number 1-844-249-6232.

IRS Form 8023

Form 8023 is a tax form corporations use to report the transfer of assets or stock from one corporation to another in a tax-free reorganization.

This form is only required if the reorganization meets specific criteria and the parties involved elect to treat the transaction as tax-free.

You must send your Form 8023 within the time limit prescribed by the IRS — which generally falls on the due date of the corporation’s tax return for the year the reorganization occurred.

The fax number is 844-253-9765.

IRS Form 8886

Similar to Form 8918, organizations use Form 8886 to disclose transactions that could lead to tax avoidance or evasion.

This form is also known as the Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement (RTDS).

The IRS mandates that covered entities provide information that could aid in detecting transactions that break tax regulations.

Send your Form 8886 to 844-253-2553.

IRS Form 2553

IRS Form 2553, also known as the “Election by a Small Business Corporation,” is used by small business owners in the United States to elect their company to be taxed as an “S” corporation.

The form has two different fax numbers depending on your location.

  • 855-887-7734 — Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, etc.
  • 855-214-7520 — Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, etc.

Visit the IRS website for a complete list of the states tied to each fax number.

IRS Form 637

Individuals or entities use Form 637 to register with the IRS in order to engage in certain excise tax activities.

Excise taxes are taxes on fuel, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and certain luxury items.

The fax number for Form 637 is 855-887-7735.

IRS Form 8962

Individuals who purchased health insurance and received financial assistance through premium tax credits can use this tax form.

It reconciles the number of premium tax credits received with the actual amount of credit the individual is entitled to based on income and family size.

The fax number is 1-855-204-5020.

IRS Form SS-4

Form SS-4 is a document for requesting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.

Depending on the applicant’s requirements and preferences, it can be submitted online, by mail, fax, or by phone.

Here are all the IRS fax numbers for Form SS-4.

If your principal business, office or agency, or legal residence in the case of an individual, is located in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia:

  • 855-641-6935

If you have no legal residence, principal place of business, or principal office or agency in any state:

  • 855-215-1627 for those within the US.
  • 304-707-9471 for those outside the US.


Knowing where to send your tax forms is crucial to ensuring that your taxes are filed accurately and on time.

The IRS provides various fax numbers for different tax forms, making it easier to submit your documents without mailing them in.

However, it is crucial to remember that there may be more secure options than faxing your tax forms.

Digital alternatives like PandaDoc Online Fax can help you fax your tax documents to the IRS without problems.

So always consider taking additional measures to protect your personal information.

And most importantly, double-check the instructions provided by the IRS and use the appropriate fax number for your tax form.


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