This was a year that kept everyone on their toes (figuratively speaking — literally, on their couches). Like Lysol and Purell, we realized we had to double down on production because the world needed us — now more than ever.

With our current and future customers, in mind, we raced to release critical updates and powerful new features. We put on our finest sweatpants, learned how to bake bread, adopted a puppy or two, and work, work, worked.

As many businesses were left fighting to keep the lights on, we knew it was critical to make PandaDoc as intuitive and impactful as possible. So this year we focused on user experience, making hundreds of improvements to help our customers become even more efficient and customer-centric. Check out some of the must-see highlights:

Editor 2.0 is officially live and available!

With Editor 2.0, we revitalized PandaDoc’s core functionality, bringing along advanced formatting and design elements, a smoother and more intuitive editing experience, and robust real-time collaboration features. Learn more about Editor 2.0 here.

New and improved integrations

Major feature improvements released for the Salesforce and HubSpot integrations (like the ability to map pricing table columns with fields in Salesforce!) and an exciting new integration with Canva for creating professional-grade designs with ease.

eSign Google Docs and Gmail attachments using the PandaDoc add-on for Gmail. Now you can open an attachment and eSign it and even add fields for other people to sign – right from your inbox!

Streamlined document creation and editing

New recipient management introduces multiple ways to assign fields and manage recipients, a color coded display, and easy access to recipient settings like signing order to help get documents out the door faster than ever.

Pricing tables: reimagined updated user interface designed to give you additional control, speed, and a more intuitive experience that involves a lot less clicking.

Enhanced collaboration

Inline Comments were introduced for easier document collaboration. Comment on specific sections of a document, mention any member of your workspace, reply to comments and resolve them.

Attach files to your documents and templates. Add supplemental files to your documents and templates to include additional information without taking up space in the document itself.

PandaDoc Community launches ❔

The new go-to resource for customers, full of helpful information and best practices for maximizing success with PandaDoc.

Uservoice User Portal is coming!

We believe that customer input is critical for developing and improving a best-in-class product. To make collaborating with our team easier, we’ll be introducing a new user portal for posting feature requests, voting on features, and providing feedback. We’ve been using this internally to capture your feedback and can’t wait to release it to you all so that we can hear directly from you!

Free eSignature plan is released

Setting our own business goals aside, we decided to release a new plan that helped 20,000+ companies adapt to changes and use our free eSignature tool for remote work.

Thank you for growing with us!

All the awards we received in 2020 were thanks to you. Thank you for giving us great feedback, sharing your success stories, and showing us your continued support. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Farewell, 2020 – what an incredibly productive dumpster fire of a year you’ve been! We’re looking forward to sharing many more exciting updates in 2021.