Adobe Sign vs HelloSign: Similarities, differences, and everything in between

Adobe Sign vs HelloSign: Similarities, differences, and everything in between

As the world moves fast into progress and automation, traditional methods of signing and authenticating documents seem to no longer have a standing in the hyper-connected, technologically innovative world of now.

Today, it is safe to say that electronic signature tools are the best, most reliable way to sign documents, helping thousands of businesses automate their business processes while creating a better signing experience, and eliminating weeks of work.

But, do we fully understand how e-signatures work?

In this article, we are talking about the online signing process as we discuss the differences between Adobe Sign and HelloSign, two extremely popular document management tools today.

Not sure whether electronic signatures are for you?

Technology innovations can come with a pinch of uncertainty, especially if you are diving into it with no previous knowledge.

For those of you new to the e-signing experience, here’s why you should welcome it into your business.

E-signatures are the smoothest way for signing documents and keeping things safe and secure.

They are known to provide faster turnarounds on administrative tasks, reduce costs, boost workflow efficiency, and save time, and authenticate documents while preserving the security of every signing process.

The primary purpose of an electronic signature is to quickly authenticate a document with a uniquely identifiable mark, without the use of pen and paper.

They are now extensively used in legal dealings, business transactions, private affairs, and sometimes as part of official government documents.

A few of the most notable benefits of eSignatures are:

  • High level of security
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Faster turnaround
  • Convenient, allow for remote authentication
  • Lower costIn today’s business climate, eSign is, with no doubt, growing into a crucial element of organizations and custom branding, respectively.

In our guide How to create an electronic signature, you’ll find an extensive tutorial that should help you set up and make the best use of your newfound e-experience.

Adobe Sign vs HelloSign: Solutions for everyone’s business plan

The below, side-by-side comparison of Adobe Sign and HelloSign is done with real-time data, helping you decide which one out of these two options is best for your business needs.

How we sourced the data

To objectively compare Adobe Sign and HelloSign, we went over 30 different websites to find the most relevant, unbiased information.

These websites include specialized SaaS websites, user-review websites, and the websites of the mentioned SaaS tools.

To ensure the websites we used as sources for our analysis are relevant, we grouped them based on visits that were used as an indicator of the websites’ relevance and expertise:

  • >450.000 visits;
  • 150.000 – 450.000 visits;
  • 30.000 – 150.000 visits;
  • <30.000 visits

The bottom list websites went through an additional, detailed fact-checking process to ensure all information provided was accurate and objective. The websites closer to the top were prioritized and considered more relevant.

Some examples of those relevant sources include:

The official websites of these two digital signature software products were only consulted to confirm factual data such as product offers, pricing lists, and customer support details.

The qualitative descriptions of these tools weren’t considered as we aimed to present unbiased information on both tools.

Product overview

Being among the most powerful eSign tools in the industry right now, both product offerings from Adobe Sign and HelloSign are very similar, making it somewhat challenging for users to pick a solution that makes for the best fit for their needs.

Here’s a closer look at the services the tools offer.

Adobe Sign

Overall rating: 4.5/5

User rating: 4.3/5

Type: eSignature software solution

Pricing: $14.99 /Month for individuals

Free trial: 14 days of free use.

Product overview: Trusted, legal and secure e-signature optimized for the office workflow and businesses on the go. It works for everyone from freelancers and small businesses to large enterprises.

Adobe Sign is a scalable solution for documentation management featuring a great API to integrate with your documentation ecosystem.

It got an intuitive UI and ease of use. The tool stands as a suite of digital signatures for digital and signed documents.

Adobe Sign detects form-based fields automatically while electronic forms are being prepared for e-signing and authoring.

This is making the process of inserting form fields into documents glitch-free and much easier for users. Further, users can directly upload files and scanned documents into the app, ensuring documents never fall into the wrong hands.

The software is Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution. Adobe Sign lets users build repeatable document and workflow templates to get consistent results from everyone on the user’s team.

AdobeSign gives users the flexibility to customize forms for different products within a company, including web forms that can be featured on the client’s website and included in email templates from within their CRM.

It provides end-users with the options to include password protection, protected storage of sensitive information, multiple sign-ins, removal of unauthorized files, removal of cookies from the browser, and so on.

Adobe Sign is helping users achieve 100% paperless processes, including form creation, collaboration, and an assortment of document approval types.

One of the software’s advanced features makes it easier for users to collect customer payments as they fill and sign forms through the built-in integration with PayPal.

Using the mega sign tool provided by the software, users can send one document to several people, where each of the recipients gets their own version to sign.

You have the option to track if/when your clients have signed the documents and send reminders. Users particularly enjoy the seamless blending of Adobe Sign with offerings in Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader DC, too.


Overall rating: 4.6/5

User rating: 4.6/5

Type: eSignature software solution

Pricing: Free plan/$15 per month for pro users

Free trial: 30 days of free use.

Product overview: Legally binding, fast, and secure eSignatures for all types of business, from freelancers and small businesses to corporations and large enterprises.

HelloSign is a cloud-based, enterprise-class electronic signature solution developed for businesses of varying sizes and types.

With its easy drag-and-drop board, this tool significantly reduces time-to-market for professionals and helps streamline legal documents. The tool provides secure, legally binding, and 100% digital electronic signatures through its best-in-class developer API or easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces.

Owing to its high functionality, this tool provides end-to-end solutions for creating, managing, and backing up electronically signed documents.

From document e-signing to intricate secure key generation and digital signature management, HelloSign’s services can respond to virtually any business requirement.

In addition, the software can generate PDF, WEB, BIN, CHM, DNS, EDB, G2P, and PFX security tokens, making business workflow easier and considerably reducing administrative costs.

Users have said they enjoy the easy drag-and-drop editor allowing them to add elements such as signature boxes, date boxes, organization boxes, title boxes, and so much more.

Also, they have reported HelloSign’s screenshot feature a great addition to the tool as it allows easy tracking of users having their signature assigned and then being invited to sign a document.

This tool works seamlessly with business apps such as Slack, HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Oracle Content & Experience Cloud, Eventbrite, and others.

It, too, integrates beautifully with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive with Google Docs, Evernote, Box, and OneDrive, giving users access to their signed documents at any time in any of their cloud storage accounts.

In addition, it offers a free mobile app for iOS (iPhone) and Android mobile devices, making it the right signature for those who work a lot on the go.

As reported on G2,

“Businesses that use HelloSign benefit from up to a 93% reduction in turnaround time with contracts. Its customers have seen results like a near-10% increase in revenue, average savings of more than $50k annually in employee efficiency, and an increase in sales close rates of up to 25%.”

HelloSign offers a wide range of features and an easily customizable application interface with instant access to crucial information and the creation of custom forms.

Also, users can view stored information, create workflow items instantly, and use templates to automate repetitive signature requests.

Adobe Sign vs HelloSign overview: General features comparison

Comparing their general and technical features, as well as customer support, the two electronic signature software differentiate and relate in the following way:

Adobe SignHelloSign
Document Audit Trail
Document Analytics
Document Expiry
Customizable Branding
Access Control
Multi-user Signing
Multi-factor Authentication
Progress Tracking
Customizable Branding
Bulk Digital Signatures
Signature Document Creation
Bank Level Security
Enterprise Scalability
Customer SupportPhone/Online/Knowledge base/Video tutorialsPhone/Online/Knowledge base/Video tutorials
Mobile optimization
Typical customersBusinesses of all types and sizes (Freelancers – Large enterprises)Businesses of all types and sizes (Freelancers – Large enterprises)

In terms of Adobe Sign and HelloSign pricing details, the two compare like so:

Adobe SignHelloSign
Free Trial
Free Plan
Quotation Based
Business (small teams)
Enterprise planUpon requestUpon request

Final verdict

Depending on your general preferences, and what you need in a tool of this type, you’ll find the both HelloSign and Adobe Sign are great eSignature options for a business.

Carefully comparing features of the two tools and taking user reviews into consideration, we have to say that both solutions are winners, each in their respective line. So, before you choose yours, go through our review and table comparisons to find your match.

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