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Users switching from SignNow to PandaDoc will enjoy a full electronic signature and document generation suite complete with 24/7 service and support.

Collect electronic signatures
Basic PDF fields
Smart fields / variables
Conditional fields
Audit trails
Unlimited, reusable templates
Template library
Document grouping / batch sending
Bulk sending
Signer attachments
Custom branding
Signing order
Drag-and-drop document creator
Payment gateways
Content library
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Get next-gen digital signatures with ease

If you’re using a paperless workflow, electronic signature software tools are essential for creating legally binding documents. Quotes, contracts, and other business documents require a signature to gain legal standing, which makes an online signature tool more important than ever.

Like signNow and many of its competitors (DocuSign, Adobe Sign, SignEasy, etc.) PandaDoc offers an e-signature solution that includes built-in authentication, allowing you to create legally binding documents.

Use our onboard document editor to prepare docs for e-signing, dispatch them to signers via email or unique signing link, and collect signatures with ease.

Prepare, batch, and send PDF documents

With signNow, users can group digital documents together for easy online signing. After documents are assigned to a group, an invite link can be sent to recipients, inviting them to view and electronically sign the documents.

PandaDoc offers a similar approach by allowing users to bundle documents together for fast and easy signing. PandaDoc takes this even further by helping users to quickly streamline this workflow. Integrate templates into your batched documents. Modify document templates using our onboard document editor. 

You can even bundle documents by merging data from Salesforce and other integrations for a faster business process. Simply connect your tech stack tools, ensure that the tokens/variables are mapped appropriately, and let our document platform handle the rest!

An all-in-one document workflow

While signNow offers a variety of unique features as an electronic signature solution, some of those features are hidden within the airSlate Business Cloud, an enterprise plan that combines signNow document signing with a credit-based document generation platform.

PandaDoc offers this functionality without an additional hassle or plan charge while providing automation and control over your entire document process. Build the business documents you need within the PandaDoc editor, send documents to signers, and track progress without ever leaving the PandaDoc workspace.

Sales teams use PandaDoc to master every aspect of the contract management lifecycle. It’s that easy.

Why switch from SignNow to PandaDoc?

More than e-signature software

Gain access to document creation tools that help you build a better business process. Consolidate document creation and management with an e-signature platform that offers real-time, customizable workflows for every document. Integrate with tools (Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Dropbox, and more) to further accelerate your document generation methodology.


User-friendly document creation

Whether you’re a small business or part of an enterprise team, PandaDoc document creation tools allow for a faster sales process. Upload Microsoft Word files or create documents and forms entirely from scratch. Create templates from successful documents while utilizing the content library for fast and easy customization. The result: A customizable, onboard document creation tool that teams can use to send quotes, proposals, and more at lightning speed.

Microsoft Word Online

No-hassle document management

Keep track of your documents using our onboard CRM and storage tools. All PandaDoc documents remain on the PandaDoc platform indefinitely, but you can also use integrations to quickly export them to storage platforms like Box or Dropbox. If you’re using CRM integrations like Salesforce, it’s easy to map your customer data to your documents and even store completed documents alongside the appropriate CRM profiles.

Proposal Integrations

Track your success with document analytics

Like many SaaS platforms, signNow and its competitors (HelloSign, eversign, Zoho Sign, etc.) offer audit trails for e-signature capture. However, PandaDoc analytics offers a detailed view into how signers interact with your documents. See how many times a recipient viewed a document, how much time they spent with it, which pages took the most time, and more.

Analytics Documents

Tools for your whole team

Empower your team with virtual data rooms, specialized user roles, and collaboration tools that enable them to close deals faster than ever before. Teams on the go can even take advantage of the PandaDoc app to build and send documents from their mobile device.

Collaborative Workspace Comments

Get support anytime

Nobody enjoys waiting for hours while a support ticket makes its way to the service desk. With PandaDoc, waiting is a thing of the past. Our live chat team is always standing by to assist when you have questions. Premium support options are also available for users who prefer dedicated account managers and phone support.

Support Call

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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