Want to get away from Zoho Sign?

Users switching from Zoho Sign to PandaDoc can take advantage of a full document creation suite, including advanced e-signing workflows, real-time document editing, 24/7 support, and more.

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Legally binding electronic signatures
Template creation
Audit trails
Signing certificates
Reminders & notifications
Document management tools
Public / self-serve document signing
Custom branding
In-person signing
Document creation tools
Forms creation tools
Bulk sending
Free automations & integrations
Payment gatewayLimited
Signer attachments
Template library
HIPAA & GDPR compliance
Mobile app (Android / iOS)
24/7/365 Support

Sign documents with ease

E-signing documents doesn’t need to be a hassle. Like Zoho Sign and many of its competitors (SignNow, Adobe Sign, Hellosign, SignRequest, etc.), PandaDoc offers digital signature functionality that boosts productivity, accelerates document turnarounds, and saves money.

However, unlike every other platform, PandaDoc takes things a step further by combining document creation with an e-signature solution, so your team can handle all parts of the document lifecycle in one place.

Drag-and-drop formatting tools

Like most Zoho Sign alternatives, PandaDoc uses drag-and-drop formatting tools to help you prepare documents for e-signing. These user-friendly tools make it easy for team members to build documents in an interactive way.

The tools that you can use to prepare documents for digital signing are built into the same interface you’ll use to write new or modify existing documents on the PandaDoc platform.

Cloud-based processing and security

Most electronic signature solutions work hard to make signing easy, and PandaDoc is no exception. While our signature platform uses simple and intuitive tools, top-notch security and authentication is at work in the background to ensure that signatures are valid, secure, and authentic.

Plus, because all documents are located in the cloud, PandaDoc can manage every aspect of your contract management process. Upload and edit drafts, prepare documents for signature, and store documents — all in one secure location.

Why switch from Zoho Sign to PandaDoc?

Create documents that close deals fast

PandaDoc is more than an electronic signature software. Using the PandaDoc editor you can build quotes, proposals, contracts, and other docs that every business needs. Small businesses can take advantage of PandaDoc tools to create a paperless process while larger organizations can leverage our team tools to help sales and marketing teams templatize and streamline entire document workflows.

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Go beyond PDF files

Unlike Zoho Sign, PDFfiller, SignEasy, and others, PandaDoc lets you go beyond PDF files. While you can upload and format PDFs, our document editor also accepts DOCX, PNG, and JPEG files. Upload existing Microsoft Word documents, create custom templates, so that documents are easy to replicate, and use our content library to adopt a more modular approach to document generation.


Say goodbye to automation credits

Much like DocuSign envelope limits, Zoho Sign requires automation credits for many of its CRM and productivity integrations. PandaDoc doesn’t have credits or hidden fees. Most integrations are free to use — including integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoho CRM, Slack, and many others. Premium integrations (Salesforce, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) are also available but, once added to your plan, require no additional credits or surcharges. Zapier integrations (fees apply) are also available.

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Streamline your signing process

As a digital signature software, PandaDoc offers a straightforward solution to document signing. Use our drag-and-drop tools to set signature fields. List the signers and set the signer order, then send the document for e-signing. It’s that simple. With templates and integrations, you can accelerate this flow even faster by generating pre-formatted documents, syncing customer information from CRMs, and even generating documents from your CRM platform.

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Connect your entire sales team

Tired of forcing your team into silos? PandaDoc offers tools to empower collaborative selling, so teams can work together to close deals and win contracts. Build documents together using our onboard editor. Collaborate and negotiate with customers in virtual data rooms. Give your team the tools they need to support one another from first contact to final close.

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Support when you need it

Need assistance? PandaDoc Support is on standby to answer questions and help you get back to work. While we offer a knowledge base and a community, our live chat support is available 24/7/365, so you can always get in touch with a team member for answers. Premium support options are also available for teams who prefer dedicated account managers and phone support.


Find the perfect PandaDoc solution for your business