Commercial insurance proposal software from PandaDoc

Increase sales, eliminate errors, and boost efficiency across your entire organization. PandaDoc enables commercial insurance providers to quickly create fully-compliant proposals in a fraction of the time.

Why choose PandaDoc?

Here’s how our commercial insurance proposal software can boost sales

Tailored commercial insurance proposals

With the extensive set of tools included, you can create stunning, fully-compliant, customized proposals in a fraction of the time. From insurance proposal template libraries to automated approvals and drag-and-drop eSignature fields, everything is designed to make the proposal creation process faster and easier. On average, our commercial insurance clients save 12 hours per week per employee.

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Automate time-consuming processes

Simply adopting a paperless proposal solution will likely result in significant savings of both time and resources. But it doesn’t stop there. At PandaDoc, we understand that automation is the future of business insurance software and we’ve built a powerful array of automation features into our platform. Whether you want to automatically set reminders for your prospect, make PDF copies of completed proposals in your cloud storage, request approval from management, or send finished documents to the compliance department, we’ve got you covered.


eSignature technology for the modern insurance company

From commercial auto to general liability insurance, electronic signature software has transformed the insurance proposal landscape. PandaDoc provides industry-leading electronic signature software that’s UETA and ESIGN compliant. We enable insurance agencies and carriers to collect legally binding eSignatures without the hassle of paper documents. Potential clients can sign on any device, including their laptop, mobile phone or in-person. What’s more, you can add eSignature fields to proposals with only a click.


Easily add multiple pricing options

PandaDoc integrates with a host of tools, enabling you to add customized pricing tables to your proposals and shorten the sales cycle of insurance policies and insurance quotes. In fact, on average our customers see a 28% boost in their overall close rate. Additional calculations, like add-ons, taxes, and discounts, are automatically calculated, thus reducing errors. And you can add pre-approved pricing tables to your content library, allowing your team to add payment options to new proposals in seconds.

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Fast and trouble-free implementation

Whether your insurance organization consists of several people or several hundred, PandaDoc implementation is simple and hassle-free. Most clients are up and running in only a couple of days. Extensive training materials are provided along with optional tools to design your own onboarding process for new users. PandaDoc will be with you every step of the way to ensure seamless adoption.

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Track your proposals at every stage

Our analytics provides you with all the information to keep on top of what’s happening with your documents at every sales stage. You’ll also have access to a range of insights to further improve processes moving forward. Track open and close rates, time-to-sale, and more. Hone in on the top performing proposals and measure the performance of your team members.

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Integrate with your CRM, cloud storage, payment provider and more

Prefer to work from a popular CRM like Pipedrive or Salesforce? Perhaps you want to store your documents in a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive? We’ve built a library of integrations, giving you the ability to connect to your CRM, cloud storage, payment providers, accounting software, analytics tools and more to PandaDoc.

Integrate with your CRM, cloud storage, payment provider and moreIntegrate with your CRM, cloud storage, payment provider and more
Integrate with your CRM, cloud storage, payment provider and moreIntegrate with your CRM, cloud storage, payment provider and more

Is PandaDoc secure?

PandaDoc boasts industry-leading security standards, ensuring the safety of documents, signatures and customer information. We are SOC 2 Type 1 certified, fully GDPR compliant, and utilize AWS (Amazon Web Services) data-handling centers. All third-party providers are chosen after a lengthy vetting process.

How does PandaDoc increase the quality and effectiveness of insurance proposals?

PandaDoc provides an extensive suite of features to streamline your entire proposal process, including content and insurance proposal template libraries, a drag-and-drop document editor, legally-binding electronic signatures, automated workflows, a collaborative workspace environment, and more. Our robust reporting also allows you to measure and strategize for important KPIs like close rate, open rate, average sale price and more.

What kind of pricing plans do you offer?

The Individual Plan is ideal for a single insurance agent and small carriers and business owners. The Business Plan is best-suited for organizations of three or more people and companies that are experiencing rapid growth. The Enterprise Plan is best for larger teams. Head to our pricing page for a full overview.

Is this proposal tool good for building and personal property coverage?

The software allows you to create detailed proposals for commercial insurance products including building and personal property coverage based on your client’s needs. Some of the product features were developed especially for preparing insurance business proposals. For example, tokens save a ton of time and help you to easily add repeatable info throughout your proposal.