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Making the switch from eversign gives you even better control of your documents and digital signatures. Experience better integration tools, a robust document editor, and insightful analytics by switching to PandaDoc.

Legally-binding electronic signatures
Audit trails
Team management
Template creation
Contract management
Advanced fields and variables
Custom branding
Free planLimited
Document editorLimited
In-Person signing
Multiple business identitiesLimited
Document management
Content library
Mobile app
24/7 support
Template library
Payment integration
Document analytics

Legally-binding e-signatures you need

As an e-signature software, both eversign and PandaDoc take legally-binding electronic signatures seriously. Using robust security and compliance, eversign and PandaDoc both ensure that the digital signatures used to sign documents follow all compliance and regulatory requirements so that you know your documents are authentic and secure.

Team management options you’ll love

Using eversign, you can manage multiple team members by setting user roles and limiting contract access. PandaDoc can do the same thing. You’ll also be able to engage in real-time collaboration with clients before the document signing process takes place. Using our team management options, you’ll always have the right representative quarterbacking the sale.

All your contacts in one place

Like eversign, PandaDoc helps you keep track of all of your contacts using our onboard CRM. For individuals and small business owners who don’t need a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, our onboard solution makes it easy to add client information to existing contracts. For larger businesses, we fully support integration with most CRM solutions so that it’s easy to connect PandaDoc with your existing contact database.

Easy template creation

There’s no need to repeat processes. Both eversign and PandaDoc allow for template creation. This makes it easy to create fast, repeatable workflows so that you can save time and send documents to signers even faster. A template makes sure that you’ll never miss a project stakeholder or key decision-maker preparing your documents.

A free plan for your entire team

Just like eversign, PandaDoc is proud to offer a free plan. Our Free eSign plan is great for teams who need to sign and send documents on the fly. We offer unlimited document uploads, unlimited team members, and a payment gateway so that you can upload and send your documents at lightning speed.

Do more with your documents

Build incredible documents in minutes

Whether you’re using eversign or another e-signature solution like DocuSign, HelloSign, SignRequest, or RightSignature, the process is essentially the same. You’ll upload a PDF, then use a drag-and-drop document editor to add signing fields to the document and send it for a digital signature. With PandaDoc, you can do more than that. The PandaDoc editor allows you to create entire documents from scratch, replacing Google Drive or Microsoft Word as a word processor and desktop publishing platform. Using PandaDoc, you can create proposals, contracts, quotes, and more in minutes.

Document Import

Content assets when you need them

When using the PandaDoc editor to build effective documents, it’s important to deliver a consistent experience with every document. By adding your marketing images and logos to the PandaDoc content library, you’ll be able to insert branded media directly to your forms, quotes, proposals, and contracts.

Artwork Video Proposal

Thousands of integrations at your fingertips

Using eversign, you’ll be able to connect to document storage solutions like Box, Dropbox, and Gmail.  With PandaDoc, you can do all that and more. PandaDoc connects with services that your company uses on a daily basis, including CRMs, administrative solutions, accounting software, and more. You can also use our Zapier connection to integrate with thousands of additional apps so that PandaDoc fits seamlessly into your workflow.

Proposal Integrations

Collect payments upon signing

While eversign can help you get your documents signed, you’ll still need to send another invoice or send customers to a payment portal. For additional ease of use, PandaDoc users can direct customers to pay upon signing and eliminate the need for additional paperwork. This feature is even available for free with our Free eSign Plan.

Payments Card

See how your documents perform

Want to know more about how users interact with your documents? Using eversign, it would be difficult to know if a customer failed to clarify any confusion. PandaDoc users can study document analytics to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. This kind of document progress tracking helps you know how long a signer spent on each page and how many times they viewed a page before asking questions or providing a signature.

Analytics Page

Store complete contracts for easy access

Many e-signature solutions, from eversign to SignEasy, only provide a way to send documents for electronic signature. Once the document is complete, it’s up to you to download and store that document in a secure location. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to take contract management to a new level by participating in every step of the contract management lifecycle — all from a single platform. Whether you need to create a new contract, send it for e-signing, or store it for reference at a later date, PandaDoc helps you stay in control of your contracts.

Artwork Flow

A better mobile experience

Using eversign, both you and your customers will be able to access the eversign platform from any web browser. The problem that many users experience is that a web browser may not offer a user-friendly experience on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to take advantage of our mobile app in order to provide the best experience for your company and your signers.

Mobile - App

24/7 support when you need it

Have a question regarding eversign? You can consult their knowledgebase or send an email to get a response. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to ask your question and get a fast answer in minutes. PandaDoc users enjoy chat support. We also offer an extensive knowledgebase so that you can learn how to make your document even better.


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