In-person signing

Start signing and receiving business documents in-person using our secure mobile apps

Receive electronic signatures in-person without the hassle

Our customers can create in-person signers on the PandaDoc app

Flawless customer experience with in-person signing

If you’re headed to a sales or business meeting, it might be easier to have your documents signed in-person. But carrying around paperwork can be awkward and look disorganized. That’s why we offer an in-person signing feature on our app. You can contact customer support to enable the feature and have in-person documents signed quickly.

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Improve your efficiency

Using the in-person signing feature will save you time and improve your efficiency during meetings. Instead of fumbling through paperwork, access your proposals and contracts directly from your mobile device or iPad. Once both parties have signed the document, you’ll receive a signature certificate.


In-person signing on every device

You can access the in-person signing feature using a mobile phone, iPad, or desktop computer. So no matter where you are, you can always get your documents signed.

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Manage your signed documents and contracts

Once the contract is signed, all signatories will receive a link to a downloadable PDF. This makes it easy to keep track of your in-person signing events under the document’s Audit Trail.

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What are the benefits of in-person signing?

Sometimes it’s faster and easier to have a prospect sign a contract in-person. And most sales reps are equipped with mobile phones and tablets. In-person signing gives you more options for how you can close contracts.

Can I receive in-person signatures on a desktop?

Yes! The process for collecting in-person signatures on a desktop is the same as it is on a mobile phone or iPad.

Do all customers have access to in-person signing?

No, this feature is only available to our enterprise customers. This feature is not included in our individual, eSignature, or Business plans.

How do I become an enterprise customer?

You can contact our sales team for more information on becoming an enterprise customer. They can explain the features and benefits to you in more detail and help you decide whether becoming an enterprise customer is the right fit for you.

How much does it cost to become an enterprise customer?

Because of the advanced features and customized workflows, we don’t have standard monthly pricing for the enterprise plan. Instead, the pricing is based on the needs of your company.