Need a break from Sharefile?

Users switching from RightSignature (now part of Citrix Sharefile), will enjoy robust document storage options, secure electronic signature tools, 24/7 support, and much more.

Citrix Sharefile
(FKA RightSignature)
Store files and documents
Access information anywhere
Encrypt and store files
Secure file sharing
Custom branding
File link expirations
Multi-factor authentication
User account management
Storage integrations
Collect legally-binding e-signaturePremium plan only
Template creation
From-scratch document builder
Document packager
Document analyticsEnterprise only
Bulk sending options
Project & task management
CRM integrationsSalesforce
Payment gateways
HIPAA compliantPremium plan only
Desktop apps
Mobile apps
24/7/365 Support

Secure document storage and creation

On its Premium plan, Citrix Sharefile (formerly Citrix RightSignature) offers a unique selection of file and document sharing and e-signing tools. The platform aims to combine the signature process with file management solutions for both internal and external uses.

PandaDoc offers a similar solution by allowing teams to manage a complete document library and dispatch personalized documents to both internal and external recipients. Using PandaDoc, it’s possible to send and manage contracts, invoices, onboarding details, and other business documents without ever needing to leave the platform.

Share and e-sign documents with ease

Before becoming a part of Sharefile, RightSignature competed heavily with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and similar e-signature solutions offering similar functionality. While having a Sharefile account may offer a handful of different benefits around file storage, the e-signature benefits are largely the same.

By comparison, PandaDoc users enjoy a much broader range of document functionality. In addition to e-signature tools, PandaDoc provides from-scratch document creation and automation tools that allow for the fast and easy generation of any type of business documents.

While the PandaDoc platform also offers unlimited storage for documents created and signed with PandaDoc, it’s also possible to integrate with major cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. That way you’ll have access to limitless storage potential if you’d rather keep your store documents separate from your business workspace.

Optimize with templates and workflows

While it’s true that Sharefile Premium offers template creation functionality, it’s nothing compared to the modularity that PandaDoc offers. Using the PandaDoc content library and onboard product catalog, it’s possible to create comprehensive documents at the drop of a hat.

Combined with the ability to create custom templates, sales teams using PandaDoc can build proposals, contracts, and a variety of other documents suited to any company size, from startup to enterprise sales teams.

Why switch from Sharefile to PandaDoc

Better plans — better pricing

Unlike Sharefile, which requires seat minimums for all plans, PandaDoc offers plans at a per-seat rate. Startups and small businesses can pay for the seats and tools they need without worrying about overages or empty seats while ensuring they receive the tools necessary for teams to thrive.

Team People

Build better online documents

With the PandaDoc real-time document editor, it’s possible to ditch paper documents entirely. Create documents entirely from scratch (or upload existing DOCX files) and build any type of business document your company needs. It’s the fastest way to build and securely deploy quotes, contracts, invoices, and other documents for review and e-signature capture.

Library Blocks

Collect e-signatures anytime

Regardless of plan, every PandaDoc user can collect digital signatures. Simply prepare the document for signing and send it to signers using the PandaDoc platform. You’ll receive email notifications when signers access your documents, and onboard audit trails will keep you informed regarding signer activity. Upon completion and download, signers will receive copies of their contracts, along with a digital signature certificate authenticating the validity of the document.

Security Signature

Advanced document automation tools

Get access to top-notch automation tools to streamline your document creation. Kickstart content production by modifying templates from 1000+ documents in our template library. Save text snippets, content blocks, and entire documents in a custom content library. Batch documents and send them together for fast and easy e-signing. Give your team the tools they need to close deals even faster.

Templates Library

Integrate your entire tech stack

Maximize your output by connecting to CRMs and productivity tools. Import customer data from Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and similar platforms. Share content via Slack, embed forms to your website. Integrate with email marketing platforms, and a variety of other tools.

Proposal Integrations

Support when you need it

Have a question? No need to browse a knowledge base or start looking things up on your mobile device. Connect with a support specialist using our 24/7/365 live chat features. No matter what document you need to create, Team PandaDoc is standing by to assist. We even offer premium support options for users who prefer dedicated account managers and over-the-phone support.

Support Call

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