Ever wish you could close deals instantly?

No follow-up emails.

No twiddling your thumbs.

And no pacing back and forth waiting for a client to respond to your sales contract.

We know your time is valuable and sometimes hard to come across. That’s why we’re introducing our latest integration developed in collaboration with Zoom.

PandaDoc for Zoom will help you turn prospects into customers in a single meeting. Our seamless integration allows you and your clients to view, send, and sign PandaDoc documents within Zoom.

Zoom allows family, friends, and colleagues to connect virtually. The PandaDoc for Zoom integration will allow you to make the selling-via-Zoom experience more seamless.

Using our new integration, you can:

  • Simplify your workflow by presenting documents during your meeting
  • Eliminate the gap between delivering your demo and getting customer feedback
  • Avoid uncertainty by signing documents together in real-time

You can install the PandaDoc add-on in just a few simple steps.

Open the Zoom App Marketplace, find PandaDoc, and click install. The first time you use the add-on feature, you will need to sign in to your PandaDoc account.

This integration is available for PandaDoc’s Business and Enterprise plans.

Ready to throw your sales cycle into overdrive? Check out our Zoom Integration Landing Page or visit the Zoom App Marketplace to get started.